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What Are Printer Cleaning Kits?

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What Are Printer Cleaning Kits?

Id card printer cleaning kits are consumable supplies that can be bought for your plastic ID card printers to keep them clean and free from dust and to ensure that they are working in optimal condition. Many ID card printer users do not realize the importance of using cleaning kits, but it is important to understand that even the smallest speck of dust can lead to substantial damage to an ID card printer. 

When using a plastic ID card printer, tiny debris and dust are carried through the rollers of your printer to the printhead. Over time, they can get accumulated inside the printer, leading to voids and spots appearing on printed ID cards and badges. This can negatively affect the quality of the Printed ID cards and in some cases, can lead to complete malfunction of ID card printers. 

Things Included In Printer Cleaning Kits 

Printer cleaning kits usually include:

  • Cleaning swabs or pens – These are used for cleaning printheads and can look like Q-tips or markers. 
  • Cleaning Pads – These are used to wipe our dist and other debris from the inside of the ID card printer. 
  • Cleaning Cards – Cleaning cards are used to clean printer rollers. These cards will be pre-soaked in a cleaning solution. 

A single ID card printer cleaning kit contains enough cleaning supplies for more than one ID card printer or for multiple cleaning runs in a single printer. 

Are Printer Cleaning Kits Cost-Effective? 

It is recommended by printer manufacturers to clean your ID card printer each time you change the printer ribbon. This is about 500 to 900 prints. Multi-use cleaning kits are available for as low as 11 dollars or as high as sixty dollars depending on the model and brand of your ID card printer. If you print 100,000 plastic ID cards over the life of your ID card printer, you will have cleaned the printer about 200 times, which is a total spend of around 110 dollars in cleaning supplies. Compare this amount to the cost of a printhead replacement, which can be anywhere between 500 to 800 dollars. 

Though cleaning an ID card printer regularly does not guarantee a 100% problem-free operation, it can surely help reduce the chances of printer malfunction and increase the lifespan of your ID card printer while also letting you save money in the long run. If you are in search of cleaning supplies for your ID card printer, you can get in touch with us to buy cleaning supplies for all major ID card printer models. 

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