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Wonderful, proactive and professional

Pronto Support

Joseph was very helpful and patient with helping me with my issue. He was able to fix the issue in a short period of time and was very knowledgeable about the printer, as well as the software.

Pronto TechSupport

Joseph, was great today! I was not able to get my printer working for days. In less than 30 mins he had it back up and running.


Joseph was a big help Setting up my drivers. Up and running in no time.


Joseph, is an experienced and professional person. He made my interaction during tech support friendly and efficient. He is very skillful and deserves all of the accolades based on his professional knowledge and experience.
Typically, experience is a kind of knowledge which is acquired in two ways--by doing and being done. Joseph has acquired both of them based on my interaction with him. He is definitely an excellent employee because he performed his due diligence well

Technical Support

our bodno machine wasnt working properly while we moved to our new office i contacted tach support and Angelo called me and took me through step by step instructions to get my Badgy 200 back up and running he was very very helpful and i am very satisfied with my product and even more satisfied in knowing that tech support comes through and is so helpful Thank You Angelo.

Tech Support for Pronto

Joseph, was awesome. He was able to fix my issue and explained how I can fix it next time. Very polite and a good representative for your company.


DTC1250E Support

Joseph, Did outstanding work to help me.

Tech Support Pronto

Joseph, Very patient and helpful.

Printer Issues

Angelo, helped me install the printer for my software. He was extremely helpful and informative.

Ribbon Broke after 5 uses

After painstakingly going through the motions of installing the upgrade in order to use the new ribbon in my machine the ribbon has broken after 5 uses and now a card is jammed in my machine.

So far this machine has been doing great

The setup was very simple. The software is easy to use, although it could benefit from a better UI/UX design. For someone who is not a graphic designer, I got into using and understanding the software within 2 hours.

Primacy Tech Support

Joseph, thank you for service. You gave the best customer service and fix my problem flawlessly.

Enduro3E TechSupport

Joseph was amazing!!!!! He fast and very professional. He also took the time and effort to make sure that everything was working correctly. He gets FIVE stars from me :) *****

Thank you so much Joseph for all your hard work. You are a life saver.

Would like a sharper print out.

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer
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Pronto Support

Angelo was my tech for today. I was very stressed about setting this up but Angelo was great! He was very helpful, patient, creative and great customer service! H made is very easy! Highly reccommend!!

Printer tech Support

Joseph, he was amazingly fast, efficient and super friendly and took the time to educate us with upcoming updates

Badgy200 ID Card Printer
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Badgy200 Tech Support

Joseph, was great and very helpful. He solved our issue and got our printer running back normal.


Joseph, thank you for the excellent support the last 2 times I called. You quickly resolved our issues and our Badgy 200 is purring along like a well-behaved kitten! Our caregivers love the beautiful cards we create for them and they take pride in their IDs.

Badgy200 and Bondo Help!

Joseph, was phenomenal! I really appreciate all of his help and effort. Easy to talk to and extremely helpful. I can't sing his praises enough. Not only did he help me with my Bodno issue, he was able to help me with the printer issues I was having with the Badgy 200! This is one of the employees that can help make a company more than good, people like him make a company GREAT!

Support for printer magicard 600

Angelo was very patient and at the end was able to solve the problem I have


Joseph was very quick and efficient in solving my printing issue, I am happy to say that I am back up and running after his service.

Techsupport Badgy200


Awesome response. Joseph was great!

Great Service very amazing

Angelo Helped Me out so Much Setting up The System Remotly

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer
best ever!

Angelo saved me.thank you!