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Id Card Printer Characteristics

Easy To Use

Highly graphical LED/LCD interface offers highly intuitive icons, animations, and text-based messages in your own language for easier understanding and usability.

Simple Card Loading

Load and unload your cards easier than ever before with the redesigned hopper which allows you to input and output the same capacity, reducing the need to refill constantly.

Id Card Printer Characteristic
Id Card Printer Characteristic

Error Free Ribbon Installation

A snug-fit design with no open adjacent areas provide no room for error so you always install your ribbon correctly without any issues or need for complicated manuals.

Compact & Sleek Design

Perfectly sized to fit almost anywhere, it is built for business to look sleek and stylish and not be an eyesore at retail store, hospital or other admission desks.

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We're Your ID Experts

  • With decades of experience, we offer unmatched expertise on ID printing and have the solution that suits your specific needs.
  • A variety of ID card printers ensures you find the equipment that you need, whether you need single or double sided, colored or monochromatic, magnetic stripes, contactless or different sizes and thicknesses.
  • Included with every printer is an easy to use ID card software that makes printing perfectly designed cards simple enough for anyone to do.
  • Each of our products are vigorously inspected and tested to ensure the highest quality and performance.
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We're Your ID Experts

Easy Shopping and Fair Prices – Guaranteed

  • With Bodno you’re guaranteed to find the printer that best suits your needs at the best price.
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  • Whether you need help troubleshooting an issue, or if there is any issue with the printer, Bodno backs each of its printers with a lifetime of fast, friendly and helpful customer support.
  • With Bodno help is always just a quick call away.
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We're Your ID Experts

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