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ID Card Printer Supplies

Stay on top of maintaining your ID card printer with our full range of ID card printer supplies. Whether you are looking for ribbons, cleaning kits, ribbons, spare parts, and more, Bodno carries every ID card printing supply for your needs. We carry supplies for all of the industry's best brands, including Magicard, Fargo, Evolis, Zebra, and IDP. We inspect all of our products and supplies to ensure that they achieve our high quality and performance standards while ensuring that you find the right equipment for your needs.

How To Choose The Right Supplies

Finding the right printer supplies is crucial — without them, your new ID card printer will be useless. Bodno offers ID card printer supplies for all of our printer manufacturers: Evolis, Magicard, IDP, Fargo, and Zebra. You can easily sort our printer supplies so you can see the supplies for your brand of printer.

Unlike a standard inkjet printer, ID card printers use color ribbons to print: these ribbons are separated by the color options they provide. For example, a YMCK ribbon provides yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. Your printer will determine what kind of ribbons you need. If your printer allows for lamination, you may also need a lamination film, or a color ribbon that includes “Overlay.”

An ID card printer is nothing without something to print on. Bodno’s printer supply section carries cardstock for any of the printers we carry, and for any of your needs. Our cards offer comprehensive security options and can be purchased in bulk for frequent card printers. Choosing the right cards is simple: your printer manual will tell you what kind of cards are usable with your ID card printer and in what ways they can be used.

Have the needs of your business outgrown the production capacity of your printer? Browse our printer upgrade options to see if your printer can be upgraded to have a higher capacity or to be able to print double sided cards.

Just like any other office equipment, your ID card printer needs regular cleaning and maintenance. The differences between models of printers means that their cleaning and maintenance needs vary, but the clearly labeled model-specific cleaning kits available from Bodno will be sure to keep any printer operating like new.