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Bodno Software Upgrade

Get started now on any of Bodno's and Badge Designer's software! Check out the chart below to compare our versions.

Upgrade to

Silver Edition

  • Import from Excel
  • QR Codes
Upgrade to

Gold Edition

  • 2D Barcodes
  • Auto face crop
Upgrade to

Platinum Edition

  • Fingerprinter
  • Multi Layout design
Upgrade to

Diamond Edition

  • Web printer server and up to 16 PCs
  • Windows Only

Bodno Software Upgrade



Full Setup on USB Key
USB Key Protection
Digital Manual (PDF)

Tools Image

DirectShow Image Acquisition
WIA & TWAIN Image Acquisition
Clipart & Shapest
Variable Objects (Print Date, Print Counter,...)
Built-in Image Editor
Card Templates
Signature Acquisition
Barcodes ID
QR Code
Barcode 2D
Auto Face Detection in Live Acquisition
Automatic Face Crop
Image Acquisition through camera SD
Fingerprint Acquisition
Users Allowances & Operation Logs (audit report)
Customized Features through Script


Text and Image Editing in Card Design
Database View
Production Mode
Encoding View
Multi-layout Designs


Print Spooler Management (Card by Card, All printer)
Front & Back Printing
Batch Printing
Ethernet Printers Support
Conditional Printing
Overlay/UV/F Panel Management
Auto-print(Automatic print by DB update)
Web Print Server


Internal Database With Photo Connection
Browse & Find Records
XLS, XLSX, CSV & TXT connection
MS Access & SQLite with photo field
Search (query) Records
OLE Objects & Photo on Database Records
ODBC Connection to External Database


Magnetic Encoding
Contact Smartcard Plugin(Run external app)
Contact Smartcard Encoding
Contactless RFID Encoding
Internal & External RFID Encoder Support
Mifare DESFire (including NFC)
Mifare CLASSIC & Ultralight (including NFC)


Free Software Update
Remote System Edition Upgrades
Document Password Protection
Net License up to 16 PCs belonging to the same scope and sub-net

Product Reviews

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Edward S1

I was shocked when I saw the quality of the cards. The far exceeded my expectations with the price I pad. The colors are vibrant, the graphics are crisp, and it is so easy to use! it’s definitely the best card printer I’ve used.

Edward S1
Ayme Bahrami

I was assigned the task of updating our employee identification badges for a business with under fifty employees. We had been using Microsoft Word, scissors, and glue, so you can imagine the results. The set up was easy enough, though I found designing a badge with the included software to be less intuitive than other editing programs. However, I was pleased to see that my first sample printed the first time I pressed the button, with no extra troubleshooting required. This was a major plus for this badge printer!

Ayme Bahrami
Humberto Benavides

We acquired the Fargo DTC1250e ID Card Printer to print all of our employees id cards, we have printed near 100 id cards flawlessly, the bodno software is so intuitive that you don't need any user's guide to learn to use the software, the printer is fast and very reliable for our projects.

Humberto Benavides

I purchased to print on ioProx cards for our employees. The printer works well for the price and provides a consistent output. You’re not going to get an amazingly bright print for a printer of this cost but it does a good job and prints clearly. Overall, no complaints at all except for the software licensing which requires you to insert the USB drive every time you want to run the program to print. This is annoying and this is the only product I use that has to do this. Once the software is up and working though, it works pretty well.