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4 products
  • Magicard D - ID Card Printer

    Our Price:$1,995.00
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  • Magicard 600 ID Card Printer

    Our Price:$2,720.85
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  • Magicard Pronto 100 ID Card Printer

    Our Price:$1,204.50
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  • Evolis Primacy 2 ID Card Printer

    Our Price:$1,816.00
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Should our school purchase a single or dual sided ID card printer?
A single-sided ID card printer is typically less expensive and can handle most basic ID card printing needs. It is ideal for schools that have a low volume of ID card printing and only need to print basic information on one side of the card, such as a student's name, photo, and ID number. On the other hand, a dual-sided ID card printer can print on both sides of the card, which can be useful for including additional information or images, such as a school logo or a student's contact information. It can also be more efficient for printing high volumes of ID cards, as it can print double the number of cards in the same amount of time as a single-sided printer.
Should we purchase the Magicard Pronto100, Magicard D, Magicard 600 or Evolis Primacy 2 for our school?
The choice of which ID card printer to purchase for your school depends on specific needs and budget. The Magicard 600 and Evolis Primacy 2 offer high resolution and fast printing, but are more expensive than the Magicard Pronto100 and Magicard D. The Magicard D is a popular midrange printer, suitable for most school needs. For lower volume printing or a limited budget, the Magicard Pronto100 may suffice.
Which edition of the Bodno software should our school purchase?

Bodno offers several editions of their software, each with varying features and capabilities.

Bronze Edition is the basic version that allows you to design your cards.

Silver Edition is great for schools as it allows you to import from an Excel or CSV to auto-create the cards for you and has the ability to crete QR codes.

Gold Edition can auto-crop the images for you.

Platinum Edition has an ODBC connection to external databases.

Diamond Edition offers 16 combined licenses in a single package, which can be installed on a server.

The most popular edition for schools is the Gold edition, which offers advanced features at a reasonable price point. Ultimately, the edition of Bodno software that your school should purchase will depend on your specific needs and budget.

What forms of payment does Bodno accept from schools?
Bodno accepts several forms of payment from schools. These include purchase orders, credit cards, checks, and wire transfers. Additionally, Bodno offers net30 payment terms to all schools. This means that schools can receive their order and pay for it up to 30 days later. Bodno's flexible payment options make it easy for schools to purchase the ID card printers and software they need, while accommodating their unique budgeting and payment requirements.
I need a W9 to place an order with Bodno. How can I find Bodno's W9 form?
To obtain Bodno's W9 form, simply click on the following link to download it:

Bodno W9

This will take you to a downloadable version of the W9 form, which you can print or save for your records.
Do you offer a buying guide for ID card printers where I can learn more?