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Whether you are looking for a new ID card printing solution to start printing your school IDs in-house, or are ready to upgrade your current ID card system to get more from your ID cards, we've got you covered!

  • Get award-winning service from experienced ID professionals
  • Save up to 50% on printers and supplies with our everyday low prices
  • Shop the best brands on our easy-to-navigate website
  • Read product reviews from people just like you
  • Receive toll-free, in-house technical support on every purchase
4 products
  • Magicard 300 ID Card Printer

    Our Price:$1,916.20
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  • Magicard 600 ID Card Printer

    Our Price:$2,720.85
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  • Evolis Primacy ID Card Printer

    Our Price:$2,195.00
    - +
  • Magicard Pronto 100 ID Card Printer & Suppl...

    Our Price:$1,204.50
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Should our school purchase a single or dual sided id card printer?
dual sided. Since it is more expensive
What will the cards be used for?
This is perhaps the most important question to ask about a school badge printer. Determining the use of the card can help determine which features a printer will require and which printers to consider
How many cards per year will be printed?
It may not seem significant, but the number of cards printed can play a large role in the printer. Printer supplies vary from brand to brand, and what may seem to be a less expensive option may cost more in the long run because of grouped card cartridges and ribbons. Ask your friendly Bodno Expert to figure out what the best supply range is for you
Projected growth
Card printers are a long-term investment, and can be used for five to ten years without needing replacement. Therefore, long term projections about student body growth and card purpose is useful to make the most prudent choice. Fargo printers are perfect for school ID badges because of their scaleability - a simple Fargo printer can be upgraded to an ultra-secure model with the addition of modules.