Slot punches, also known as slot hole punches or badge punches, are essential tools for creating wearable ID cards and badges. These punches create openings in ID cards, allowing them to be easily attached to various ID accessories such as lanyards, badge holders, badge reels, and strap clips.

Our selection of ID card slot punches includes a wide range of styles and designs to meet your specific needs. Choose from basic handheld punches for occasional use or opt for more advanced desktop punches designed for high-volume applications.

While pre-slot punched CR80 PVC cards are available, many direct-to-card ID card printer manufacturers do not recommend using them, as they may cause damage to print heads. Using a slot punch with your ID cards ensures precise and clean openings, reducing the risk of printer damage and prolonging the life of your equipment.

Explore our collection of slot punches and find the perfect tool to create professional, secure, and easily wearable ID cards for your organization.

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What size hole does it punch?
The Bodno slot punch creates oval-shaped slots that measure approximately 0.125 x 0.50 inches. This size is designed to be compatible with a variety of ID card attachments, such as clips, lanyards, and badge reels.
How many cards can it punch at a time?
The Bodno slot punch is designed to punch one card at a time, ensuring precise and consistent results for each individual ID card. This makes it easy to create professional-quality ID cards without damaging or misaligning the cards during the punching process.
Can they punch vertical or horizontal slot punches?

Yes, the Bodno slot punch is versatile and can be used to create either vertical or horizontal slots on ID cards. This flexibility allows you to choose the orientation that best suits your card design and attachment requirements.