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Tech Notes

Troubleshooting Guide For Common ID Card Printer Issues

 ID card printers are crucial tools used to produce identity cards in various businesses, educational institutions, and organizations. These printers make it possible to swiftly and effectively produce ID cards of the highest quality. However, ID card printers might experience problems that prevent them from operating at their best, just like any other electronic item. In this article, we'll look...
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Advantages of Using a Dual-Sided Printer

When looking for ID card printers for your organization, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various ID Card types and models. If you are looking to help maximize the efficiency of your ID card program, a quality dual-sided ID card Printer will likely be at the top of your list. Using a dual-sided ID card printer...
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Ordering and Activating Proximity Cards: A Simplified Guide for Customers

Proximity cards, often referred to as "prox cards," are a key component of your access control system, allowing authorized individuals to gain access to secure areas within your facility. Whether you're bringing new team members on board or replacing lost cards, understanding the ordering and activation process for prox cards is essential. In this user-friendly guide, we'll explain the steps...
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Why Your Business Needs an ID Card Printer

Whether its employee identification, rewards cards or the overall representation a quality business card can provide, ID Card printers can be central to the way a business runs itself. While it is true that card printing can be outsourced, there are many reasons why this may not support many different business models. Below, we’ll go over why your business needs...
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Some Common ID Card Printing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them    

ID card printing systems are generally simple to use. Installing a printer requires setting up a plug-and-play printer driver on your computer. The majority of the printing system is available to use after downloading and installing the ID card software and entering the license key into the software. ID printers available these days are technologically much advanced and most of...
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How to Maintain and Clean Your ID Card Printer to Ensure Optimal Performance 

Have you noticed a decline in the quality of your printer's ID Cards? Have you even gone so far as to replace an entire printhead to prevent blemishes from occurring? The issue could be that your ID printer is in need of regular cleaning. Whether you have an ID Card printer or are thinking of buying one, at Bodno we...
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