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ID Card Reviews: Evolis Badgy200

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ID Card Reviews: Evolis Badgy200

The Evolis Badgy200 printer comprises the second generation of low-volume, value-class, single-sided printers rolled out by the manufacturer. It is widely considered ideal for schools, small offices, and gyms. This machine is a valuable prospect and comes packed with a slew of useful features.

What is Different

In terms of looks, this company has made the decision to move away from the bright, rounded red plastic that was central to their signature style. The Badgy models instead feature a sleek, tri-colored scheme.

Under features, you have one majorly reduced aspect – the input hopper holds just 25 cards, as opposed to the customary 100. This should not get in the way of low volume printing though. Meanwhile, the Zenius holds 50 cards, and the Primacy 100. If you would rather open a new pack of cards, place it in the hopper and not have to do more work, the Primacy might be a better fit for you.

The new card surface coverage is another cool thing about the Badgy200 – it can print edge-to-edge.

Ribbon and Speed Choices

Here, you have the option to use a 100-print ribbon of the YMCKO variety, or just a monochrome that lasts you 50 prints. The newly available options here include the one to use preprinted card stock. Each of these ribbon options can print in 200 dpi resolution, which ensures that printed cards look professionally designed and finished.

Where print speed is concerned, you may see this printer as something of a relative disappointment. Full-color YMCKO ribbon takes about 38 seconds to print on each card, while monochrome printing takes a little over 11 seconds for each card. With the Zenius or Primacy, you would be assured much faster printing.

Needs Careful Card Feeding

Badgy has one significant drawback – the printer still requires to be hand fed cards for processing. This can be bad for novices, who generally do not know that touching a card’s face can be detrimental before printing on it.

Intuitive Software

When you buy the Badgy200, you also get dedicated software from the manufacturer, which allows you to design the best print jobs. You can pick from the preset templates or make your own from scratch. Additionally, it is also possible to link to a spreadsheet and import a database to this software. This version is a lot more intuitive and comes with higher end functionality than earlier ones, such as what came with the Evolis Badgy100, for instance