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What To Do With Your Old ID Card Printer

What To Do With Your Old ID Card Printer

If you own or operate an outdated identity card printer, you perhaps consider when to replace it with a new one or how to donate or recycle it. Dispose of the old printer responsibly with a company that recycles the parts or upcycles the product into a renovated unit. Here, we will discuss some commonly asked questions about ID card printers.

When Do I Have To Replace My Old Printer?

It is common for almost every organization to buy a new set of badge card printers every three to five years. While reasons to make the purchase vary, it is often since newer printing technology becomes available with greener supply parts and better energy use that contribute to eco-friendly printers.

Further, the latest ID printers and ID card software programs have enhanced security features as well as conveniences such as faster production and easy operation. Aging printers can contribute to expensive repairs, making a new piece of investment a logical option.

What Do I Have To Do With The Old Printer At My Company?

You have perhaps decided to discard your old printer, but do you know that you can recycle it and upgrade it to a better model simultaneously? Better yet, it is possible to save money as you do it. Several ID printer producers work with resellers to provide equipment trade-in events.

As you buy an eligible identity card printer, that producer will accept it and even provide some credit toward the new printer that you plan to purchase. According to the model, badge printer discounts can range between $100 and $700 for trade-in options. The producer will confirm that the product is reused for components, refurbished or recycled properly. It is a good option to get new and better equipment that suits your requirements in a better way while benefiting planet Earth.

Why Your Printer Should Not Go Into The Garbage

Do not allow your old badge card printer to enter a landfill. It can affect water, land and air quality that not only induce health issues but also damage biodiversity in that area. The adverse impacts of a landfill can span across the world. It is worth using landfill locations only for reusable or recyclable forms of waste. ID printers are recyclable and reusable, which explains why you should not put them in a landfill.