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What Is The 26-Bit Proximity Card Format?

What Is The 26-Bit Proximity Card Format?

 The 26-bit proximity card, also called H10301, is the most commonly used proximity card format in the industry. The 26-bit card format is an open format and so, you will be able to order proximity cards from any retailer. This can help you control the costs for the ID card printer and other accessories. Moreover, it ensures ongoing access to buying cards for years to come.


Some of the other proximity card formats include 37-bit (H10302), 40-bit (C10106), and many other proprietary formats. As per the experts, proprietary formats are more secure than the other formats but they will be difficult to order and are higher priced. It will be more difficult for you as a customer if the vendor closes their business. Some ID card manufacturers offer proximity technology in various options like fobs, cards, micro prox tags, etc. All these formats work the same on door access control card readers. For the system to recognize your ID card, they will need the facility code and start number programmed to the card.


What Is A Facility Code? 

A facility code is a number that is used to represent the facility where the ID card will be used. The code will be programmed to every single card in the ID card program. In a 26-bit proximity card, the maximum facility code that you can go for is 255. Some of the access control systems will let you have many facility codes to do any of the following three things.

  • To add restricted access points in the building or facility.
  • To differentiate between certain departments and personnel.
  • To allow access across different office locations.


With a 26-bit smart proximity card, the facility code should be between 0 and 255. Sometimes, the facility code can be abbreviated as FC and some businesses make use of the term site code in place of facility code.


What Is a Serial Number? 

In a 26-bit proximity card format, every card will have a start number programmed to it. The start number or serial number is unique and can be used to identify or represent cardholders. The access control software that you use will allow the system admin to set access privileges for all cardholders. In the case of a 26-bit proximity card, the maximum value of the start number that can be used is 65,535. To ensure that you have the most out of your ID card program, take precautions to avoid ID cards with the same serial numbers.