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Understanding Door Access Cards

Understanding Door Access Cards

Door access cards or proximity cards allow users to gain access to the entrances of a building. These cards are an efficient access control option for many businesses. Allowing or denying access using these cards can be done by making use of ID card software. This software can be used to assign users the required credentials that enable entry to a specified set of doors. Even though having a basic idea of the functioning of the ID card software is important, it is more important to understand the role of the ID card software in the door access process. 


ID card software can be considered the brain of the security system. This is because the software will have to understand the information that is present in the ID cards and then allow the card readers to read the information to provide door access to a user. 


Programming Your ID Cards 

Fortunately, most of the ID card software programs do not require the users to be much familiar with the programming. You just need to assign each employee a specific card number. This is as easy as it sounds, but what should you do when you are out of plastic cards? Of course, you can get in touch with an ID card supplier in your area to order plastic cards. The only thing to note is the programming information of the ID cards. This information is required for the ID card manufacturer to make the cards exactly the way your ID card software wants the card reader to read the cards. 


Ordering Proximity Cards 

To order proximity cards, you will need to know the brand of the card. Finding the brand name will be easy as it will be provided on the card. The next thing to know is the format of the card. You can have three options to find the format of the card. 

  • Checking the ID card software - Your ID card software will offer different formats for ID card programming. 
  • Checking the number on the backside of the card - the series of numbers provided on the backside of the card can be used to obtain information about the card directly from the manufacturer. 
  • Checking the box in which the cards were delivered - the delivery box of the card will have all the programming information. It will include the details like the card format, site code, part number, etc.