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The Addition Of Signatures To ID Cards

The Addition Of Signatures To ID Cards

Many applications will need a signature on an ID card. Some of them are:

  • Driver’s licenses
  • Certification cards
  • Membership cards
  • Gun permit cards


There are predominantly three methods of attaching a signature to ID cards. Read ahead to know more about these ways.


How To Add Signature To ID Cards?

As said above, there are three ways to add a signature to ID cards and the first way is to make use of signature panel PVC ID cards. In these cards, there will be a signature panel where the cardholder can sign in without ink smearing. If you are planning to use signature panel PVC cards, you can make use of a reverse transfer ID card printer to print on these cards. You may also use a YMCKI ribbon with these printers. These printers have an inhibitor panel or an I panel that can prevent the retransfer film from sticking to the signature panel area. If the signature panel area is covered by the retransfer film it will be difficult to write on the panel area.


The second way to add a signature to ID cards is using ID card printer ribbons like Evolis RCT021NAA. These are specialized ribbons that are designed for applications that need a user’s signature for authentication and security. These specialized ribbons have a rectangular signature panel to let cardholders manually sign on the card.


The third way to add a signature to ID cards is as a digital image. This can be added while printing the card using ID card printers. When you incorporate the signature as a digital image, you will be able to add the signature to any design without the need to change the type of ID card that you use for your application. When adding a signature as a digital image, you will need to use a signature capture device that can capture the signature of the cardholder and let you import the same to a card template inside the ID card software.


There are signature pads available that come with a backlit display so that the users will be able to see the electronic ink while signing. Additionally, some models come with a fingerprint sensor, and this offers more security. Before using signature capture devices, you need to ensure that the ID card software you use is capable of incorporating the signature.