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Strengthening The Visual Security Elements Of I...

Strengthening The Visual Security Elements Of ID cards

Are you in search of ways to improve the security of your business’s ID cards? The tips shared by leading ID card software and ID card printer makers can help you strengthen the visual security elements of your ID cards. 

Use Complex Printing Style To Make The Card Secure 

You can make use of complex ID card designs thereby making it difficult for fraudsters to duplicate the ID cards. You may use watermarks, cameo effects, fine lines, or even micro text to increase the security of your ID cards. Highly secure ID cards make use of micro texts. While examining visually, micro-text will appear like a regular thin line on the ID card, but when inspected with a magnifying glass or a microscope, you will find the lines repeating the text “Genuine,” “Valid” or “Authentic.” Unlike many other ID card security features, micro-text printing will need industrial equipment and so this option is limited to pre-printed ID cards. 

Use Layered Additions 

There are choices in layered additions that can cater to every need and budget, ranging from a simple foil to holographic overlaminates. Holographic laminates can include an off-the-shelf holographic design or you may design a custom hologram to ensure brand enhancement and even more security. There are also fluorescent overlays available that can help you have highly durable and secure ID cards in a single printing cycle without the added cost of overlay varnish or lamination. 

Use Specialized Printing Supplies 

You can use oversized ID cards for your business as these cards are difficult to duplicate and easy to recognize. There are only a few ID card printer models available in the market that can create oversized ID cards. You may also use expiring badges for visitors as they can change color after a fixed period. Ultraviolet ink can also be used to covertly mark the ID cards of your business as valid. 

Use Unique Content 

You should use a color photograph of at least 300 dpi to ensure the security of your ID cards. From a design point of view, the more vivid and large the ID card photo, the easier it will be to authenticate the ID cardholder. 


Albeit photographs can help decrease the chances of scams, they are not impeccable as they can be duplicated using copiers and scanners. Therefore, you may use biometric data on your ID cards to improve the security of your ID card program. Adding digital signatures and fingerprints can offer extra verification options to improve the security of your ID card program.