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Optimizing ID Card Employee Photos 

Optimizing ID Card Employee Photos 

A quality photo of the ID card holder is essential to ensure an efficient ID card security program. A good-quality photo can be used for easy recognition, thereby offering security for your organization. The challenge of accomplishing good-quality photos was twofold in the past. A standard digital camera was not able to capture high-quality images and after capturing these images, they had to be manually transferred to the ID card software. This made it difficult to have ID card photos of good quality. The TWAIN driver was introduced to resolve these issues. 


The TWAIN Driver 

The TWAIN is a programming interface capable of managing the communication between a digital camera and the ID software. In simple terms, a digital camera with a TWAIN driver will let you capture images that will automatically be uploaded into the ID badging software to allow easy printing of ID cards.


The introduction of the TWAIN driver has proven to be a big timesaver for many businesses. The TWAIN driver also comes with features to help the user improve the quality of the images as well. 


Some of these useful features are: 

  • Face finding technology. This technology eliminates the need to crop the images. 
  • Support up to 10 megapixels to ensure superior image quality and resolution. 
  • Flash to ensure proper lighting. 


All these features allow the user to have high-quality ID badges comfortably. This can save a lot of time and hassles. However, some businesses will need more of these features than others. Moreover, the cost of the device can be a limiting factor for many organizations. If you are in search of a cost-effective option to add employee photos to ID cards, you can have many different options. Different types of digital cameras that are TWAIN compliant and have varying levels of features are discussed below. 


Entry Level Photo ID Cameras 

Credential Cam

This is a cost-effective option offering 2MP HD resolution.  This camera features Autosmart face tracking and is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. 


Mid-Level Photo ID Cameras 

Credential Cam Pro-Plus

This is an advanced camera than the Credential Cam and can offer high-resolution images. This camera has features like LED synchronized flash, autofocus, data transfer, and many other features. 


Fully Featured Photo ID Cameras 

VALCam 8500-630 Pan Tilt And Zoom Camera

This is a high-quality camera and can be suitable for a medium to large-sized business looking to have high-resolution ID card images.