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Finding The ID Card Software That Is Right For ...

Finding The ID Card Software That Is Right For You 

There are many types of ID card software available and each of them falls into one of three levels, entry-level, mid-level, and fully-featured. All levels of ID card software are capable of designing and printing ID cards, but some offer more features than others. If you are planning to buy an ID card software to use with your ID card printer, you might be confused about the right type of software for you. Below we share an overview of the benefits and features offered by each level of ID card software so that you can have an idea of what to expect from each type of software. 


Entry Level Software 

This level of ID card software is suitable for small businesses that need to print simple graphics with small amounts of data on cards. If your ID card printer came with free software, it will belong to this category of ID card software. Entry-level ID card software can be used for basic ID card designing and printing. 


This level of ID card software can be restricted as it can have limitations on the layout options available or the number of fields or images that can be accommodated on a card. In some type of software, the number of permitted records will be 200, meaning that if you need to print more than 200 cards, you will not be able to save all the data.


Mid-Level Software 

This is the best level of ID card software for small to medium-sized businesses. This level of software will let the user keep an MS Access database of the ID cards that have been printed, making it easy to reprint the ID card when a card is lost or stolen. Some of the mid-level programs will allow the user to export or import ID card data and this feature can help the user save money and time on data entry. 


Fully-Featured Software 

This is the most advanced type of ID card software and can be suitable for users who have many business locations or operate over a corporate network. This type of ID card software is compatible with SQL and Oracle databases and has a user-friendly interface for users who need to capture data from different image sources like cameras, fingerprint scanners, etc. Fully-featured ID card software will also let the user make and print 2D barcodes and some of the programs also offer encoding solutions for smart cards.