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Adding Holograms To ID Cards

Adding Holograms To ID Cards

Many businesses use ID card programs to ensure the security of their employees and to make management easy. In addition to implementing ID card programs, many organizations choose to augment their Id card programs by adding holograms to ID cards and badges. This can improve the security of ID card programs as cards and badges with holograms are difficult to counterfeit or duplicate. 


By adding holograms to ID cards, businesses can incorporate an extra layer of authenticity and security into their ID card programs. There are mainly three ways to add holograms to ID cards. These are discussed below. 


Adding Holograms Manually 

This is the cheapest and durable way to add holograms to ID cards. Holograms can be added with a self-adhesive laminate film which can be manually applied to the ID card to increase the level of security of the ID card. These self-adhesive laminate films are made of a polyester film that is pressure-sensitive and includes an embedded holographic design. The polyester film ensures long-lasting use and you can choose the holographic image from four designs and two thicknesses. 


Even though it does not need a retransfer printer or special laminating, the main disadvantage of this type of hologram is that it is much time consuming and this can be especially true if you have many ID cards to apply the laminate to.


Adding Holograms With ID Card Printer 

To add holograms with an ID card printer, you will need a retransfer or laminating ID card printer. These printers are more costly than the normal ID card printers. During the printing process of the ID card, a laminate film with embedded holographic designs is added to the surface of the ID card. The laminate or overlaminate is available in custom and standard designs, the custom designs being more costly than the standard ones. 


Using ID Cards With Embedded Holograms 

These are unique ID cards and offer a simple and efficient method to make a custom ID card and can help prevent the exact duplication of ID cards. Moreover, this technique can increase the security of ID cards without the cost of the holographic laminate film. As per the experts, these cards are very difficult to duplicate and ensure great graphic quality. ID card printer manufacturers like Zebra and Fargo offer these types of cards that can be used in any type of ID card printer. These cards are available in standard and custom designs.