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Top ID Card Printer Review 2021

Top ID Card Printer Review 2021

ID cards can offer a safe and secure way for businesses to ensure security, tracking, and access for all employees. These are just a few of the reasons that ID card printers are a valuable asset for many businesses. This overview of some of the most popular ID card printers can help you choose the ID card printer that best suits your business printing needs. 


Magicard Pronto 

This is a compact and versatile desktop ID card printer that is suitable for low-volume ID card printing, making it a suitable choice for small businesses and membership clubs. The Magicard Pronto features hand-fed card loading and is a single-sided card printer. 


Magicard 300

The Magicard 300 ID card printer is a durable, robust and reliable ID card printer that has a digital shredding feature, making it the perfect ID card printer model for schools, colleges, and small and medium-sized businesses that need to print about 10,000 ID cards a year. 


Magicard 600

The Magicard 600 is one of the most secure ID card printers available in the market. This printer model is available in single-sided and dual-sided printing options. It’s a great choice for moderate to large-sized businesses with a need for high volume printing. 


Fargo DTC4500e

This is an ID card printer that is designed for medium-to-large-sized businesses, government institutions, schools, and colleges looking for a long-term card printing solution. The Fargo DTC4500e is suitable for high-volume card printing and is available in both dual-sided and single-sided printing capabilities to suit the varying needs of the users. 


Fargo HDP 5000

If you are in search of a printer that can offer superior quality, durability, security, and reliability, then this is the printer for you. When you print and encode your photo ID cards with the Fargo HDP5000, the ID cards will have all the above qualities. Moreover, the printer is affordable, making it a favorite among users.  


Zebra ZC 300

If simplicity, connectivity, and security are the features of your preference in an ID card printer model, then the Zebra ZC300 is the printer for you. The slim design of the printer allows it to fit everywhere and the high-tech engineering allows it to print access, membership, identity, or debit and credit cards. 


Badgy 200

The Badgy 200 ID card printer from Evolis lets you print professional-quality color ID cards with ease. ID cards can be printed instantly in batches or as single ID cards using the Badgy 200. It can be suitable to print loyalty cards, visitor badges, employee ID cards, etc. 


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