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IDP Smart 31 Review

IDP Smart 31 Review

IDP Smart 31 Printer

IDP Smart 31 is a practical upgrade from the Smart 30 ID card printer from IDP. The direct-to-card printer model is still very much affordable when compared to other entry-level models, and offers decent performance to cater to the needs of small to medium-sized establishments. IDP Smart 31 can print a full-color ID card in around 23 seconds, while it takes just about 5 seconds to print monochrome ID cards. Below are some of its notable features that make IDP Smart 31 a good choice for those who need to print somewhere around 1000 ID cards per year.

Excellent Small-Scale Printer

The Smart 31 ID card printer is easy to configure and use. It comes with the basic robust features like the option to choose between single or double-side printing, rewritable card printing, Ethernet connectivity, encoding option, support for network printing, and Windows and Mac compatibility. It also comes with an 80-card input hopper and a 25-card output hopper, which allows printing ID cards in small batches quickly. The manufacturer also offers a 3-year advanced exchange warranty for the Smart 31 ID card printer alongside a 2-year unlimited printhead warranty.

IDP Smart 31 can give you edge-to-edge coverage, which allows you to produce excellent quality ID cards according to your requirements. As the printer model is compact in size, it can be easily accommodated on the office desk without taking much space.

  • Printing Functions: The Smart 31 ID card printer can be used for both single-sided and double-sided printing. You can upgrade the printer as well in case you wanted to change the design of the ID cards or if you wanted to print dual-sided cards with more sharpness and clarity.
  • Versatility and Reliability: IDP Smart 31 comes with an 80-card input hopper and a 25-card output hopper that makes printing small batches of ID cards much faster and simpler. What's more, you can also hand-feed cards to the printer to get one or two ID cards printed individually as needed.
  • Speed and Output: The Smart 31 ID card printer is handy to use and can print one monochrome card in just around 5 seconds. Moreover, if you were printing a single-sided full-color ID card, it would take just about 23 seconds to get that done. So overall, IDP Smart 31 is an efficient printer for quickly printing small batches of ID cards.

Final verdict: 9/10

The IDP Smart-31 averages at around $999.00 making it an economical option for an entry-level ID card user. Boasting some of the fastest printing speeds on the market, it’s a great choice for companies that won’t be needing to print hundreds of ID cards on a daily basis. It’s also highly compatible with our Bodno ID Card Design Software which you can find here: Overall, we give the IDP Smart-31 a 9/10 for its solid feature base and excellent speed.