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Why Zebra ZXP1 is One of the Best ID Card Printers

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Why Zebra ZXP1 is One of the Best ID Card Printers

The Zebra ZXP1 is a newer form of the famous P100 printer, which adds a bunch of improvements that make it a worthy purchase. With print speeds going up to 15% faster than those of the P100, this model easily holds its own against some of the top ID card printer models in the market. Following is a look at the things it lets you do, which assert why Zebra ZXP1 is one of the best ID card printers available today.

Save Space

The Zebra ZXP1 can be termed as the finest machine you can have in an office – for the level of utility it brings. It fits in an inordinately small space and lets you forget it is even there on your desk.

Use a Large Input Hopper

The 100-card input hopper makes things a lot easier. The output hopper can carry 50 cards at a time. Even for low-volume printing, this is a very welcome feature.

Print Single-Sided

For small offices with low-volume printing needs, this printer forms the perfect tool to meet ID card printing needs. If you do need a bit of static information printed on the backside of a card, reprinting with monochrome ribbon is a simple enough thing to do. However, it may be confusing as to why they did not simply include dial printing in this printer’s features, seeing as there is already a flip mechanism in the unit.

Print Quickly, and Print Well

Where print quality and speed are concerned, this printer has a lot to offer. A color print gets rendered in under 30 seconds, and monocolor takes 7 seconds, and both of which are pretty impressive. Print quality of up to 300 dpi is achievable, and card coverage is fairly good as well.

Avail Mobile Printer Support

One of Zebra’s newer redesign elements is the NFC chip, which allows loading a dedicated web page on compatible smartphones or tablets. From this page, it is possible to get the kind of assistance you need, although there are some formatting issues to watch out for. The videos play splendidly, and have been uploaded in formats that play in most native video players.

The price point on the Zebra ZXP1 is a bit higher than other entry class printers, but this model certainly justifies that in the way it delivers. Just make sure that you get an online link for the latest drivers compatible with your PC’s operating system when buying.