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Things To Consider While Designing ID Cards

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Things To Consider While Designing ID Cards

You need to consider some important things about the design of your ID while starting an ID card issuance program. By deciding how you want your ID card to look before shopping for ID card printers, you will not only save money but may also save time. Moreover, you can better determine the type of printer that is suitable for you based on the specifications of your ID card layout.


Does your company’s ID card need printing on both sides? Do you need full-color or monochrome cards? Do you want your card design to have the color extend to the edge of the card? Finding answers to these questions and considering the below points can help you have the best ID card design for your ID program. 


Cost Per Card

To ensure the lowest cost per card, you can use single-color or monochrome ID card printers to print on PVC cards. These printers can also be used when printing text on pre-printed cards.


Standard Issue 

A full-color ID card is the most common style of ID card. Usually, these cards will have a photo, text, logos, barcodes, etc. Most of the color ID card printers available in the market are also capable of using a monochrome ribbon if you want to print different styles of cards.


Basic ID Cards 

If all the important details can be printed on a single side of the ID card then, a single-sided printer is the right choice. A single-sided printing style can also help you save money as you are only printing on one side of the ID card. Moreover, you can upgrade some single-sided ID card printers to dual-sided printers to meet your requirements.


Advanced ID Cards 

If you wish to include a considerable amount of content on both sides of the ID card, a dual-sided ID card printer can be the best option for you. Some business organizations will need a substantial amount of data to be included on the ID card and in such scenarios, dual-sided printing is suitable to avoid scrunching all the details on one side of the ID card. In addition, it will ensure more details about the cardholder. For people working in the medical field, having the same details on both sides of the card is compulsory so that the details are easily displayed regardless of the side of the card.