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The Best Way to get Matica 320 Printer Supplies

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The Best Way to get Matica 320 Printer Supplies

The fast-growing and innovative global company, Matica, has partnered up with Bodno to help get their newest printer model to the hands of their customers. Released in January 2020, the Matica 320 is now available to the market. Matica 320 is a direct-to-card printer that is capable of printing high quality ID badges accompanied with an array of options for ribbons to make sure you can print your ID badges exactly how you want them. Let’s take a look at the supplies available for the Matica 320 printer and where you can safely and confidently buy them.




A full roll of only blue ink. Can do up to 1000 prints. Available here.

blue printer ribbon


A full roll of only green ink. Can do up to 1000 prints Available here.

green printer ribbon


A full roll of only red ink. Can do up to 1000 prints Available here.

red printer ribbon


A full roll of only gold ink. Can do up to 1000 prints Available here.

gold printer ribbon


A full roll of only silver ink. Can do up to 500 prints Available here.

silver printer ribbon


Only prints in black. Can do up to 2000 prints. Available here.

black printer ribbon

Black with Overcoat

Only prints in black with an overcoat. Can do up to 600 prints. Available here.

black with overcoat printer ribbon


The Matica 320 supports two types of color ribbons. One that can do 100 prints and another that is capable of doing 200 prints shown below. You can buy the 100-print ribbon here and the other here.

color ribbon for printer


The Matica 320 also supports a specialty ribbon which is the scratch-off ribbon. You can buy it here.

scratch off printer ribbon


The Matica 320 printer supports CR80 cards that you can buy here. Or, buy it packaged with a color ribbon here.

id card stacks

Cleaning Kits

Like every device out there, the Matica 320 also needs some maintenance. Which means, it needs to be cleaned. It is advised that ID card printers are cleaned every time the ribbon is changed. You can buy the cleaning kits here.

id printer cleaning kit

Slot Punch

You can also get a slot punch that works with all PVC cards, like the CR80, here.

slot punch for pvc id cards

There are many other things you can use to make the most out of your Matica 320 printer. To see the full list of all the supplies available for this printer, such as the duplex upgrade kit, encoders and more, click here.

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