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The Benefits of Multi-Use School ID Cards

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The Benefits of Multi-Use School ID Cards

 Photo ID cards prevalent in the K12 school segment have come a long way in the last two decades. As per a recent survey, almost all the schools in the country use ID cards. Most of these schools also print their ID cards in-house using ID card printers. The results of the survey show that the major three benefits of ID cards are ensuring the visual identity of the carrier, offering building and facility access, and lunch programs. These benefits can ensure that the schools are making the most out of their ID card printer investment. 

Benefits Of School ID Cards

Even though the safety of the students and faculty is of top priority, school ID cards can be used for much more than visual identification and access control purposes. Using ID cards for varying functions not only settles up the investment on the ID card printing system, but also helps the institution leverage technology for varying purposes. Some of the ways in which a school ID card program can be beneficial are explained below. 

Visitor Management And Access Control 

Having an ID card program will help monitor who is entering and exiting the school premises, and this is the foundation of ensuring a safer school environment. The means for tracking this type of data with ID cards include the use of proximity, magnetic stripe and smart card technologies. Integrating these technologies with an automated access control system will let the school authorities track and record all traffic in and out of facilities. 

Monitor Classroom Attendance 

Implementing ID card software into a school ID card program can increase the efficiency of attendance tracking. The software will keep track of absence details, letting teachers notify parents through emails if warnings are issued. Attendance details from the software can be effectively reported at the end of the semester and school year. 

Eliminate Cash From The School Lunch Equation 

Many schools are now using ID cards for school lunch programs, as it helps remove the need for students to carry cash. The most frequently used technology option is barcodes as they do not need any specialized equipment beyond an ID card printer and a barcode scanner. Magnetic stripe cards can be used to store value and when these cards are swiped, the cost of lunch can be automatically deducted. Both these technologies can be integrated easily with automated POS systems allowing for accurate transactions. 

These are just some of the benefits of multi-use school Id cards. These cards are an invaluable asset not only to student identification but also to access control, management of assets, safety and much more.