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ID Card Printers Review: Zebra ZC100

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ID Card Printers Review: Zebra ZC100

The Zebra ZC100 single-sided ID card printer is one of the most secure and compact printers available on the market. It features a sleek design and modular body which suits a wide variety of printing environment perfectly. The Zebra ZC100 is easy to use, highly efficient, and can act as one of the best solutions for low to medium volume printing requirements.

Zebra ZC100 is packed with many useful features that make this ID card printer easy to use right out of the box. It’s blazing fast print speeds means it can deliver up to 700 monochrome cards or 150 full-color single-sided cards in an hour. The printer comes equipped with a 100 card output hopper that comes with saloon-style doors. This allows you to remove one card or a stack of cards out of the printer as needed. The input and output hoppers of the Zebra ZC100 are of the same size which means less hassle loading and unloading cards. It also has a manual card feeder that allows printing single cards as required. Additionally, Zebra offers a card flipper for the ZC100 that allows you to transform this highly efficient single sided printer into a double sided one.

Compact Design

The ZC100 ID card printer is significantly less bulky when compared to other Zebra printers. It sports an advanced structural technology to give you one of the thinnest and lowest clearance ID card printers available on the market. This in turn makes the Zebra ZC100 more like a statement piece that you can display at the front desk of your office or business.

Easy Set Up

The Zebra ZC100 does not require any complicated setup procedures in order get started printing right away. You can print ID cards and badges right out of the box as long as you have either Zebra’s first party software or the Bondo software installed on your PC. The driver interface is very simple and easy to work with as well. The full color interactive screen readily displays printer status and icons in order to simplify checking the activity of the ID card printer.

Simple Operation

The ZC100 allows you to check the appearance and layout of the ID cards on the printer interface before you print them. This helps to avoid the need for printing test cards. You can easily make any changes to the setting and design as necessary after checking them via the ID card printer interface navigation. This makes the whole operation of printing ID cards simpler and saves on time as well.

Advanced Security

The Zebra ZC100 comes with superior ID card security options. You can make use of the built-in government-level data encryption and printer-to-host authentication features bundled with the printer in order to secure your ID card data from unauthorized access. Additionally, the Zebra ZC100 comes with encoding options as well, which creates an added layer of security to your ID cards and badges.


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