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ID Card Printer Cleaning Tips 

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ID Card Printer Cleaning Tips 

From the viewpoint of ensuring safety and security of the employees as well as the premises, an ID card printer surely is a wise investment. However, you need to preserve your investment by following the maintenance and cleaning instructions and by using proper ID card printer supplies. The tips shared below can help enhance the life of your ID card printer.


Clean Your ID Printer 

It is recommended to clean ID card printers every 1000 prints. Each ID card printer manufacturer will create an ID printer cleaning kit that is meant for its printers and you need to use the specified kit as each printer works differently. It will be a good idea to clean your ID printer when changing the printer ribbon. You will find a cleaning card in the ID printer cleaning kit. The card resembles a PVC ID card and can be inserted into the printer to clean all the rollers.

Clean The Printer Rollers

You might have noticed a roller pulling the blank PVC card into the ID card printer while printing an ID card. This roller will collect the dirt and dust on the blank PVC card so that these do not get inside the ID card printer. As the printer roller cleans the cards, it is necessary to clean the roller regularly. If the roller is worn out due to regular use, you may need to replace it and for the instructions, you will need to refer to the manual of the printer. This is because the steps to replace the printer roller will vary with the printer model. For instance, the steps to replace the printer roller of Fargo C50 will not be the same as that of Zebra ZC350.

Clean The Print Heads 

The print head of ID card printers is another vital part that needs regular cleaning. You can find cleaning swabs in the cleaning kit that can be used to make the printer heads spotless. It is important to follow the instructions given in the cleaning kit to properly clean this vital component of the ID printer.

Replace Printer Ribbons 

It is important to replace the printer ribbons as recommended to ensure high-quality ID card printing. Printer ribbons can have a shelf life of up to two years. So, you can stock up printer ribbons when buying an ID card printer to have them handy when needed. Make sure to use the printer ribbons specified by the manufacturer, as off-brand ribbons may damage your ID printer.


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