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Using Holographic Overlays to Improve ID Card Security

Many people take a casual stance regarding their ID card security, presuming that the data in their organizational identity cards is not that sensitive. However, all kinds of personal information can be valuable to cybercriminals, which is why you should employ robust solutions to protect the data on your ID cards. One simple way to enhance ID card security is by using holographic overlays.

What are Holographic Overlays?

Holographic overlays are adhesive-backed, thin laminate sheets, which can be applied to the surface of your ID badges. These thin laminate sheets will appear completely clear when looked at from a straight angle, but they will reveal different shapes, images, or text by reflecting light at other angles. This allows you to include a simple yet strong layer of protection to your ID cards that will prevent the credentials from being copied.

If someone tries to copy the ID card information using a standard copier, then the holographic overlay will not allow the copier to print the details clearly. Besides, the holographic overlay will also prevent recreating the ID card magnetic stripe cards design using a standard ID card printer because the security personnel can easily check the authenticity of the ID badges by looking at them from different angles.

It is also very simple to use a holographic overlay; they come with a tab at once end that lets you pull out the overlay from the liner and apply it on to the surface of your ID cards. You just need to make sure that the ID badges are clean and do not have any dust or debris on the surface before applying the holographic overlay.

You can even buy ID card printers that come with added features to apply a holographic overlay as the ID cards and badges are being printed. One such printer is the Magicard 600, which comes standard with Holokote security features. If you have a very low-volume printing need though, a more cost-effective option would be to apply the holographic overlays manually after the ID cards have been printed. You do not need any heat tool or other specialized equipment to apply the holographic overlays.

Holographic overlays will perfectly suit your needs if you are looking to add a reliable layer of security to your ID system within a limited budget. This way, you do not have to buy expensive laminate ribbons either, but can always ensure high-end protection for your ID cards. Note that you should not use a holographic overlay on magnetic stripe cards or those that have barcodes. That is because the holographic properties can interfere with the information embedded in the magnetic stripe or barcode.

You can find the Magicard 600 here: Magicard 600 ID Card Printer

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