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A Brief Guide to Magicard Pronto ID Card Printers

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A Brief Guide to Magicard Pronto ID Card Printers

These days, even in small office settings it is a must to have a running system that is able to identify the personnel entering the premises. At these locations, there may only be a need for a few badges made daily or weekly, but being able to print them on demand is a definite requirement. Outsourcing this could take some load off, but there is always the possibility of a slow turnaround or high cost. This is the main reason why ID card printers like the Magicard Pronto are so well appreciated in office settings.

Magicard Pronto is among the few ID printer brands capable of meeting low volume printing needs in small offices. This single-feed badge printer is a versatile piece of equipment, able to put out a full color badge inside 35 seconds. It also comes bundled with many high-end features besides, such as the option to print on both CR80 and CR79 card stock. Adhesive labels used for the latter can be used in proximity cards that secure building access. Magicard Pronto can also print on rewritable cards, which allows you to come up with reusable visitor badges quickly and efficiently.

Small Footprint

The Magicard ID card printer is best known for taking up minimal space on a desk while also being able to deliver quite the array of useful features. Compared to its bigger counterparts, it has all of the features that a modern office would need, including edge-to-edge printing and magnetic encoding option. Magicard Pronto works with a list of Windows platforms, all the way from Windows XP.

Configuration Made Easy

Magicard’s latest driver eases the setup and configuration process for new users, and carries a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface. The driver also significantly speeds up printing. Just be sure to have the latest version installed in your PC, because what gets shipped in the accompanying CD may be outdated sometimes. The newest driver release would likely be hosted as a downloadable file on the manufacturer’s website.

Mac OS X Compatibility

Since 2014, every feature available on Magicard printers connected to Windows PC’s has also been available for those used with Mac machines. The printer driver for the latter differs, of course. Again, you can either use the CD that comes with the ID card printer, or download the latest driver from the internet. Downloading is always the safer bet, because the newer version you get this way are more likely to work on the latest operating system versions.