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A Look at the Different Types of ID Card Software

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A Look at the Different Types of ID Card Software

Choosing the right ID card software is just as important as selecting the right ID card printer for producing your top-quality ID cards and badges. The ID printer’s software will allow you to design the cards or badges, manage cardholder data, implement various features, and more. Simply put, having the right ID card software will ensure that your ID card printer system is used efficiently.

ID card printer software allows you to create professional ID cards with stunning backgrounds, images, shapes, placeholders, and dynamic fields. Modern ID card software applications also come with many pre-designed templates to make it more convenient for you. You can also monitor the security functions of the ID cards issued in your organization using a reliable software application. This will in turn help to prevent security breaches and malpractice like ID card duplication for better employee and visitor management.

Different Types of ID Card Software

ID card software is one of the major parts of every ID card system, which is why it is essential that you should choose the right one for your needs. There are many different types of ID card software solutions out there. However, they can be broadly categorized into three main groups – entry-level, advanced, and fully-featured.


This type of ID card printer software best suits the needs of small businesses and individual users who need to print around 100 cards per year. This type of software comes with all the basic functions like importing images, adding barcodes and text, and selecting from a few predefined templates. Nonetheless, entry-level software applications generally have limited functionality when it comes to database management.


Advanced ID card printer software comes with all the features you get in entry-level software, but with the option to connect to an external database. This is useful for storing and managing cardholder information for later use and reprinting needs. The fields you can add and edit in advanced software will also be much more customizable. Such software suits small to medium-sized businesses that need more flexibility in their ID card printing needs.


Fully-featured ID software is typically chosen by large enterprises that print a large number of ID cards every year and need robust solutions. Fully-featured software has all the functions that you’ll find in an advanced ID card software solution, but with more options like encoding and integral database management. This option also takes advantage of internet connectivity, which makes it easy to use the ID card system for nearly anything you can think of.

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