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Reasons You May Want Custom-Shaped ID Cards

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Reasons You May Want Custom-Shaped ID Cards

ID cards can be used for a variety of purposes apart from verifying the identity of the cardholder. They can serve as access cards, used for tracking attendance, allow users to make payments, and do a lot more. These things are quite evident these days with the inception of smart card technologies and advanced ID card printers. However, not many people know that ID cards can have customized shapes as well.

Apart from the standard, rounded-edged rectangular ID cards and visitor badges, which can be either in landscape or portrait orientation, you can also choose from many different shapes to make your ID cards and badges stand out. You can go for round ID cards, triangular ID cards, or even a unique and creative shape that relates to your business or brand.

Why Use Custom-Shaped ID Cards?

Custom-shaped ID cards and badges are made with synthetic paper material, which can be cut into any preferred shape. This makes them free from any damages due to splintering or cracking as well, but this material degrades faster than standard PVC cards. Below are some reasons why you might want custom-shaped ID cards.

They Help to Visualize Your Brand

Most ID cards look similar, irrespective of how you customize the design and graphical elements. However, as rectangular cards are very common, they often fail to grab the attention. Custom-shaped ID cards, on the other hand, can express the uniqueness and individuality of your brand by stating it out loud that you are not afraid to think out of the box to achieve the results that strike the interest in everyone.

They Boost Your ID Card Security

ID card counterfeiting is a serious problem that everyone is facing these days. It not only risks losing the personal information of your employees to hackers but also creates safety and privacy concerns for your company as a whole. Custom-shaped IDs can easily boost your ID card security by making it almost impossible to duplicate the card design. Coupled with smart solutions like holograms and data protection features, custom-shaped ID cards can effectively protect ID credentials.

They are a Cost-Effective Solution

Custom-shaped ID cards and badges can be printed using a good-quality inkjet printer too as they are made with synthetic paper. This helps you to save on the costs of buying PVC cards and expensive ID card printer accessories. Moreover, you can always create stunning and eye-catching designs with your ID card printer software and see how you can transform your ID system with a touch of creativity.


Custom ID cards in novel shapes can make a great impact on your customers and clients, but they may not be right for certain uses. ID cards that need to be scanned or used in a professional environment such as a hospital, government institution, or other secure area should be standard shaped to ensure a consistent scan and professional look. Printers like the Magicard 300 and Magicard 600 can provide professional quality cards quickly and efficiently, and are compact enough to use in nearly any office.

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