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Bodno - The Best In School ID Card Software

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Bodno - The Best In School ID Card Software

Choosing the optimal ID card software is a decision that shoudl always be based on the working environment and requirements of the user. In schools, it goes a step beyond that – you need to choose an easy-to-use ID card software that offers the best security features and is powerful enough to manage bulk printing requirements. Additionally, having the backup of technical support and the option to add multiple users adds even more benefits to using an ID card printer in a school. In short, the ID card software should be convenient to use and resourceful at the same time to ensure the best productivity.

Bodno ID Card Software

Bodno offers 5 different ID card software options to meet the demands of different types of users – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond all offer varying levels of features. All of the Bodno software editions are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and work seamlessly in any environment. They also come with an internal database that allows you to store the ID card details for later use, such as to reprint the card in case a student misplaces his/her ID card. What’s more, all Bodno ID card software versions feature brilliant templates to make the printing process simpler.

Bodno ID card software also allows you to print barcodes, QR codes, and/or signatures on the ID card as well. Additionally, you can also edit the image before printing if required. All of the Bodno ID card software editions, except the Bronze edition, allow you to work with XLSX, XLS, CSV, and TXT files as well. You can also link image files to multiple records in your ID card database. The Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond editions also allow you to import data from Microsoft Excel. Moreover, they also come with a document password protection feature and a production mode, which ensures better security of the ID cards.

You also get features like auto face detection in live acquisition, automatic face crop and image acquisition through camera SDK as well as an option to search the database for any required ID card records. This feature, however, is only present in the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Bodno ID card software editions. They also allow integrating customized features through script, while these versions are also compatible with Microsoft Access and SQLite. Additionally, you can also link objects and photos on the database records with these Bodno ID card software versions. For high-end needs, Bodno’s Platinum and Diamond ID card software editions also offer fingerprint acquisition, contactless RFID encoding, Mifare CLASSIC and Ultralight (including NFC), as well as internal and external RFID encoder compatibility for Windows users. There are a slew of feature that make Bodno the best choice for schools struggling to find an optimized ID Card Software. You can view the different software editions here: