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Bodno Software Keeps on Freezing and Not Working

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Bodno Software Keeps on Freezing and Not Working

It can be incredibly frustrating when a software that you find infinitely useful freezes or refuses to boot. Occasionally this can happen with the Bodno ID card software which allows you to create custom ID card designs and may act as the backbone of your company or organization. Without the ability to product high quality ID cards on the fly, you’re a sitting duck for security so to speak. This article should cover some of the most common problems that may be preventing your Bodno ID card software from running or booting up properly.

Corrupted Printer Drivers

The absolute number one cause of Bodno ID card software malfunction is actually an issue with the printer’s software. When using a printer of any brand, a driver is required to communicate with the printer’s hardware. Sometimes older versions of the manufacturer’s first party drivers can become corrupted and react negatively with the software. This can cause errors within the program, especially when the program’s code can’t communicate with the require printer drivers.

The best way to fix this issue would be to unplug the printer from the computer, delete all items related to the printer, and reinstall the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website. Using the latest drivers is often the most ideal solution due to the fact that the company’s software developers usually work out any kinks with each new iteration.

Insufficient RAM

The second most problem users may experience when having trouble with the Bodno software freezing is a lack of available RAM for the program to run on. RAM refers to Random Access Memory, which is the main area where operational data is stored. Programs can choose to use RAM for processing power as they need, but sometimes a lack of availability of RAM can cause a program to freeze up or malfunction. You can fix this kind of a problem by closing any unnecessary programs you have running and freeing up available memory for the Bodno ID Card software to use. You can do this by going through your task manager, closing the largest programs that are drawing the most RAM as well as any background applications you may not have otherwise noticed.

Bodno Updates & Printer Overheating

If the problem persists after trying these two methods, you may be running an outdated version of the Bodno ID Card Software. Try reinstalling the program with the latest update available. Overheating printers are also a rare possibility. This is a more difficult problem to solve as 3rd party diagnostic products may not be 100% accurate. If the manufacturer offers first party diagnostics that may be an option to identity the problem.