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Bodno Free Trial

Bodno Free Trial


Where Can I Find the Free Trial?

The Bodno ID Card Software for PC and Mac is an extensive, versatile solution that helps you print visitor passes, employee ID cards, access control cards, and a lot more. This software comes in multiple editions that cover a plethora of features, each designed to meet the maximum requirements brought forward by even the most demanding organization ID programs.

You can find the direct link to the free trial here, under the “Download the Demo Version”:

What are the Terms/Conditions?

Most free trials are a maximum of a week or 30 days, but the biggest benefit of the Bodno ID Card Software free trial is that it has no set time limit. You can continue using it however long you want, the only stipulation being that the software places a Bodno watermark on top of your ID card. As a result, you can explore the different features, tools, and functionality of Bodno ID Card Software without the stress of a usual time restricted trial period.  You can add fields, photos, implement bardcodes, and much more; the best feature of the trial is that all of your work is retained when you purchase a full license!

Additionally, many free trials require you to put a credit card or payment information up-front; however, the Bodno ID Card Software requires no upfront information. We are more than happy to share our application and allow customers to see how useful our software is for themselves. If you’re pleased with the product and do deicde to purchase Bodno, printing professional-looking branded identity cards becomes a breeze, not to mention cost-effective as well. There is no longer a need to farm out layout or graphic design when faced with managing a confusing ID card software that some ID card printers come pre-bundled with.

Is Bodno Right For Me?

Few alternatives manage to approach the Bodno software in terms of effectiveness in ID card production. What also appeals to so many buyers is the slew of user-friendly features, which make it increasingly easy to ensure best performance. Whether or not one choose to print photos on their cards. Bodno lets you handle all kinds of tasks surrounding card production including printing, designing, and encoding.

Almost any organization can find a use for ID Card Printer’s and will find the  Bodno Software the perfect platform for managing and producing ID cards. Among the demographic of our core are large companies, universities, governmental offices, registration offices, identification points, and access control areas. The full-fledged Bodno software comes with free technical support as well as updates, and continuous development to ensure no customer gets left behind.


If you’ve sampled our extensive feature base including superfast printing, pre-made templates, universal compatibility, excellent database connection capabilities, and our happy with our software and want to purchase it for use on a professional scale, you can view all of the features of each edition here: Print your ID cards the easy way with help of this handy software, and produce the most professional-looking results you’ve ever seen.  There are versions for both Mac and Windows with support for every ID Card Printer we sell on our marketplace.