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Why Your Business Needs an ID Card Printer

Why Your Business Needs an ID Card Printer

Whether its employee identification, rewards cards or the overall representation a quality business card can provide, ID Card printers can be central to the way a business runs itself. While it is true that card printing can be outsourced, there are many reasons why this may not support many different business models. Below, we’ll go over why your business needs its own ID Card Printer, along with its advantages and beneficial returns overall. 

Owning an ID Printer is Cost-Effective

One of the first main draws for your business owning an ID printer is its cost efficiency. Outsourcing has its pros and cons, and one of them is the overall cost. An up front fee from a third party willing to print may seem nominal at the time, but may end up costing more in the long run. Buying an ID card printer may seem like an initial investment, but the return is more often than not, worth it.

Reduce Costly Security Risks

One of the first ways owning a card printer in-house can be more cost effective is relative to security. We’ll go over additional security benefits later but for now let’s focus on this specific reason. When utilizing a third party printing company you will have to share certain information. Depending on the type of data needed for the identification card itself, there could be relatively sensitive information. Outsourcing printing can seem convenient, but it can create a possible source for a data breach. Whether it's fines or lawsuits for example, a breach in data security resulting from this can be costly. 

Upkeep costs for an id printer are often pointed out as a costly drawback. However, if your business were to outsource printing, the fee for this service would be partially for covering those materials. So, if you are paying for them regardless and additional factors contribute to the ROI, it's more than worth it to own your own ID printer. 

Better Overall Return on Investment

When you work with an outside ID card printing company, you are not only paying for the printing materials, additional labor costs, and shipping materials, you are also paying for the additional time. You may also face additional costs such as mail insurance, or face a costly delay or loss while waiting on your cars to arrive. The overall turnaround from communicating and receiving cards could mean a noticeable gap in efficiency and thus profit margins.  When you print in house with your own printer, you can skip the middleman with its time-saving benefits.  

Interrelated to the time-saving benefits in owning your own id printer for your business is the overall convenience it affords. While setting up a printer and using a new software can be an initial adjustment, many programs and interfaces are user-friendly. At Bodno, we offer the best ID card software and software support, making it easy for a first-time id printer owner or for those seeking new or upgraded models. 

ID Printers Can Print More Than ID Cards

Additionally, ID card printers can print much more than only employee IDs. They can print cards which serve additional functions such as:

  • Customer Loyalty Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Business cards
  • Event Passes

With your own in-house printer, these can be printed on demand. So, a customer can get something- such as a loyalty card- almost instantly. We’ve previously mentioned the security and time risks of getting cards shipped to you or a customer, but this aspect is equally, if not more important. Reward and incentive programs have been seen to drive overall sales. In a fast-paced and ever-growing industry, being able to onboard a customer quickly and effectively is important. Having the ability to do so by owning your own id printer is particularly important if you are a smaller business competing with big names. 

Customize Your Own ID Printing Designs

If your business owns its own ID card printer, the creative freedom it allows can aid you in developing and representing your brand the way you want. A third party printer may be limited to only a certain type of design or may charge extra for any special deviations from the templates they offer. Having a specific symbol or design is important to awareness and brand recognition. Getting your own in-house printer allows you to integrate your businesses unique qualities through design.

If a higher level of creative freedom is not as important to you, there are so many other reasons to own an ID card printer and many printers themselves come with a variety of pre-designed templates which can be easily tailored to your business. customizable designs.

Increase Your Business's Professional Appearance

Printing business cards with your own printer is a small cosmetic change from cardstock. However, a more durable plastic business card can provide an increased professional appearance, which can be important to customers and clients alike. The card itself will be more durable- so it is less likely to become damaged or made unreadable for their future reference. 

Easily Manage Data and Information 

Owning your own ID printer can allow for better Database Management. Many of the best ID card printers, such as Evolis Primacy 2, will allow you to connect to an external source or establish your own database. Being able to track and manage your own data and records is efficient and more secure than allowing a third party to access and manage them. 

If you’re considering the switch to owning your own ID Printer and are worried about the transition, know that Bodno offers user-friendly ID card Software and consistent tech support. Once you're fully  connected and up and running, your data can be easily managed, tracked and updated. 


In-House ID Printers are More Safe and Secure

Having your own ID card printer readily available increases security and safety for both employees and clients alike. First of all, employees can have their own IDs, meaning actions or functions they may need to perform can be done securely by them only. Employee IDs can also help to track building access or security clearances. You can add security features such as smart chips, barcodes, magnetic stripes and QR codes AND you can easily do this with your own ID card printer. Also, as previously mentioned, producing employee access cards with varying levels of secure information in-house can be far safer than outsourcing to a third party. 

Ready to Purchase Your Own ID Card Printer?

Outsourcing your ID Printing needs is not worth the risk, and you can find the best card printer for your business at Bodno. If you're unsure of the type of printer you may need, check out this helpful guide. Once you receive your id printer, Bodno is there to help with our tech and software support team ready to make your ID card printing dreams a success.  

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