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Why Duplex Printing Can Be A Great Choice For I...

Why Duplex Printing Can Be A Great Choice For ID Card Printers

Are you using your ID card printer to print on both sides of your ID card? You can always manually flip the ID card to print on both sides of the card using a single-sided ID card printer, but the benefits of using a dual-sided ID card printer are worth the investment. Read along to know more about duplex printing and why it is the best option for the printing of two-sided ID cards. 

What Is Duplex Printing? 

Duplex printing means printing on both sides of the ID card with your ID printer. This can either be done automatically or manually by turning the ID card over after printing the first side. To duplex print an ID card, the ID card printer that you use should have in-built functionality. There are two types of duplex printers, automatic duplex printers, and manual duplex printers. The other type of ID card printing is called simplex printing and only allows printing on one side of the ID card. 

Advantages Of Duplex Printing 

There are many benefits of opting for duplex printing and some of these are explained below. 

Ease Of Use 

It is very easy to use duplex ID card printers. You can print on both sides of your ID card with just the click of a button. You need not worry about flipping the ID card, changing ID card templates, or swapping out the printer ribbon. 

Reduced Chances Of Damage To Printhead 

When you manually flip ID cards, you will have to manually touch the surface of the ID card before it is completely printed. This can contaminate the ID card with dust and oil from your fingers, which can result in improper application of dyes and in the worst case, result in damage to the printhead. 

Saves Money And Time 

In simplex ID card printers, you will have to manually flip the ID card to print on the backside of the card. This can take more time than printing using a duplex printer, and as the saying goes ‘time is money.’ In addition, using a duplex or dual-sided ID card printer will let you save on ribbon costs. Usually, you will have to print text in only one color on the backside of the ID card. Therefore, using your standard color print ribbon in your single-sided ID printer to print single colored text can result in a waste of colored ink.