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What Makes Magicard ProntoA Quality ID Card Pri...

What Makes Magicard ProntoA Quality ID Card Printer?

Magicard offers one of the costliest ID card printers available on the market. Despite its cost, there are numerous options that make it an attractive option. For one, it is made to handle numerous cards and is capable of printing full-color badges in just 35 seconds. The printer has some new features justifying the high price tag that includes branded software to simplify designing card layouts.

The so-called Magicard Pronto model is capable of printing on CR79 or CR80 card material with between 20 and 40 millimeters of thickness. The device can print on plastic cards that can be reused, for quick, reusable and efficient visitor badges. It does not take up much desk space, either.

Moreover, the device has all the capabilities that larger badge card printers have, including magnetic encoding and borderless printing. Further, it comes with HoloKote for additional protection. Read on to know more about Magicard’s Pronto printer.

Print Color

The device is capable of producing picture ID cards in full color and monochrome. It takes more time to do color printing as compared to monochrome printing. While color printing usually takes about thirty-five seconds for each side, the device can complete monochrome printing in under seven seconds.

Safety Features

Watermarks are security elements needed to keep illegal design copying from happening. The security element comes with this printing device, which offers four predesigned Holokote watermark options. It is a useful feature for a company that wishes to keep its ID card design secure.

Printing Cards

The printer comes with 300 PVC cards from Bodno. These cards are very good for printing and last for a long period as well as should offer enough cards for a bit of leeway for the tests you wish to perform in advance.

What Else Differentiates It From The Rest

The software program that comes with this device is the main reason why many people use it or recommend it. The user-friendly design facilitates the quick movement of elements about the print spaces with plenty of customizability to save users many hassles.

Magicard has designed the product for those who are bothered about privacy. With the device, you can rest assured that it will keep your data secure due to its basic safety options such as digital shredding and HoloKote security. The utilization of smart card or magnetic stripe encoding adds more security.