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Understanding The Differences Between Proximity...

Understanding The Differences Between Proximity Cards And Smart Cards

Access control is growing not just within the security industry, but also in other mainstream business organizations. Many businesses are now making use of some type of smart card or proximity card for access control, toll, marking attendance and time, ticketing, and many more applications. However, many people can be confused about the differences between proximity cards and smart cards. As a supplier of ID card printers and accessories, we share some of the basic differences between these two card options. 

Smart Cards  

A smart card can be used to provide authentication, identification, and store data on the card. The memory and microchip embedded within the card are used for these applications. These cards can be programmed with multiple credentials and this can add an extra layer of security. The memory inside these cards can also be programmed to use these cards as prepaid membership cards and cash cards. Moreover, these cards are also capable of storing autobiographical information like pin codes or monetary values that are used in applications like vending machines. 

Proximity Cards 

Proximity cards are mainly used for door access. These cards are also embedded with microchips, however, these chips serve only one function, which is to provide the card reader with the site facility code number and/or identification number. The identification number and/or site facility code number can be easily verified using a remote computer, making it a suitable option for businesses with offices in different locations. Most of the access control systems in use these days only read the identification numbers present on smart cards. 

Apart from these cards, there are also cards that make use of both these ID card technologies. Legacy access control systems usually make use of these cards. HID iClass plus prox card is a classic example of this type of card. This card incorporates both iCLASS 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart technology and HID 125 kHz Prox technology. 

Common card readers are compatible with both these card technologies, and there are also card readers available that can be used with one of these types of card technology. If you are confused about the type of card to be used in your ID card program, you can get in touch with us. Our ID card professional can help you find the right card and card readers suitable for your business application.