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Tips To Make ID Cards Last Longer 

Tips To Make ID Cards Last Longer 

In various environments, ID cards are regularly put to test and need to be frequently replaced. With a very limited budget and resources, how is it possible to better manage the ID card program of a business and get the most out of the security and access control investment? Many businesses are in search of an answer to this query. Shared below are a few ways to help you extend the life of ID cards.


Make Use Of Composite ID Cards 

Unlike plastic PVC cards, composite cards are made of sixty percent PVC plastic with forty percent PET. The PET material will be sandwiched inside the PVC plastic. These cards do not cost much more than plastic ID cards and will last longer than PVC cards, especially in the following situations.

  • Your employees repeatedly use the card with a card reader.
  • ID card being exposed to hot temperatures frequently.
  • ID cards are printed using a retransfer ID card printer or a laminating card printer.


In retransfer printing, a high amount of heat is used to ensure the proper fusion of the retransfer film onto the surface of the card. Due to this high amount of heat, it will be better to avoid using PVC cards as these cards might warp after they are printed.


Use Anti Print Transfer ID Card Holders 

ID badge holders are designed to protect printed badges, thereby ensuring a long life of these cards. Nevertheless, when the badge is exposed to pressure and heat inside the ID card holder, part of the card image can get transferred to the plastic of the ID cardholder. This process is called dye migration and can happen when the ID cards are left in cars or are stored in the vinyl window of wallets.


While using an anti-print transfer badge holder, you can get rid of dye migration altogether, regardless of the method that you employ to print ID cards. This is because these cardholders are made using anti-print transfer materials that will not transfer print from ID cards to the cardholder material or stick to ID cards. Like all other badge holders, anti-print transfer ID card holders are available in both horizontal and vertical orientations and can be easily used for proximity cards or basic ID cards. These are also available in eco-friendly forms that are made from PVC-free material.