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Slot Punching ID Cards

Slot Punching ID Cards

If you are thinking about slot punching your ID cards before printing them, do not do that. This is because pre-punching ID cards can make their surface uneven, which can result in damage to the sensitive printhead of ID card printers. In addition, if you slot punches an ID card and then feed the card through an ID card printer, it may leave behind a small slice of plastic inside the printer. This small slice of plastic can result in much damage inside the printer. The piece of plastic may puncture a hole in the heat elements of the printhead which can damage the printheads.


Using damaged printheads in your ID card printers can lead to substandard and disheartening results. When the printhead is damaged by foreign materials like the slice of plastic from slot punching, it can lead to distorted and poor-quality images on ID cards. Moreover, it will be very costly to replace the damaged printhead.


Alternatives To Slot Punching 

Slot punching photo ID cards after being printed is always recommended. This will ensure high-quality results. Furthermore, it will also help lengthen the longevity of your ID card printers. There are different slot punching options for you to choose from. After slot punching an ID card, you can easily attach it to badge reels, strap clips, or lanyards. These ID card accessories can help keep your card close at hand while working so that you will be able to quickly scan your card without the need to dig through a bag.


For the ones seeking alternatives to slot punching ID cards, try badge grippers or clamp clips, if your photo ID card needs to be buckled to a badge reel or a lanyard. There are also badge holders available that can be used to secure ID cards while offering the ID cards an extra layer of protection.


Badge holders are available in different varieties and the most commonly used ones are flexible and clear. These badge holders can be easily affixed to a lanyard. The same goes for a badge reel as well. Options in badge holders also vary from holders that are magnetically held in place to those that attach to a pocket, to armbands and proximity badge lockers that are permanently locking. If you do not prefer slot punching your ID cards, you may opt for any of these options that suit you the best.