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Helpful Tips For New ID Card Printer Owners

Helpful Tips For New ID Card Printer Owners

Are you a new ID card printer owner looking for tips to ensure the long life of your printer? If yes, you have reached the right place. Our expert technicians share some insights and tips to keep your ID card printer running like new. Read along to know. 


Treat Your ID Card Printer Nicely 

Like all other office equipment, make sure to clean your printer regularly. You can find many affordable ID card printer cleaning kits in the market that can be used to keep your IDP printer running efficiently. Dust covers are another ID card printer accessory that can be used to minimize the risk of printhead damage due to exposure to static and airborne debris. 


Avoid Static 

You need to be very much careful when handling blank ID cards. Fanning the blank ID cards apart and holding them by the edges can help minimize the static buildup in these cards which can prevent the cards from sticking together or leading to issues while feeding the cards to your ID card printer. 


Fix Torn Printer Ribbons

ID card printer ribbons can break from time to time and it is very easy to fix torn ribbons. Oftentimes, a piece of tape can help fix a torn ribbon. You just need to carefully tape the torn sections of the ribbon together, advance the printer ribbon forward and then continue with your ID card printing. If you find that the ID card printer ribbon is getting torn frequently, it might be because the ribbon is getting too hot. Making changes to the driver settings of the printer to increase the amount of ink on an ID card to have dark and deep colors can lead to the printer ribbon getting overheated and then breaking. 

Restoring the printer driver settings to default settings can help fix this problem easily. In some situations, you may also have to recalibrate the ribbon sensor to fix the issue. The instructions to do the same can be found on the user manual of the ID card printer. 

Apart from doing all these things, you will have to test the printer before sending a whole batch of ID cards for printing. To test the printing, you can try printing a single ID card first. You can make the necessary changes by accessing your ID card printer software. Make sure to tweak and calibrate the settings until you are completely satisfied with the result.