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Understanding The Differences Between Programme...

Understanding The Differences Between Programmed And Non-programmed Cards 

With the evolution of ID cards, more and more businesses are in search of efficient ways to manage and program their ID cards or proximity cards themselves. This is why HID came up with a solution to program access control cards in-house making use of the HID ID card software, Asure ID, and Fargo printers and hardware. 

The old technology was more of an HID reader rather than a writer or encoder. So what is the benefit of encoding ID cards in-house when compared to making use of third-party ID resources? Most of the end-users of HID cards have the common misconception that they buy non-programmed ID cards and then program the cards in-house. But that is not true. In reality, almost all HID cards are programmed via a supplier or the ID card manufacturer. The user just activates the card using their access software. 

The new solution from HID lets users buy non-programmed ID cards and then encode specific data on the cards. In the opinion of some users, this is just a waste of an added three thousand dollars to their ID card solution. But, this can be a great option for businesses having more than one location and like to control their ID cards closely. 

Things Required To Program ID Cards 

The first thing that you will need is modular mid to high-level Fargo printers like the HDP500 or DTC4500e. The next thing is to add the encoding chip to the printer. This chip will let the printer communicate with the Asure ID card software. The Asure Exchange version is necessary for this CP1000/HID encoding. Additionally, you will need to buy the same proximity cards, however, instead of LGGMN programming, you will need NGGNN cards. 

The NGGNN proximity cards are non-programmed cards that can cost the same as if the cards were encoded or programmed for you. You will also need support and training to set this up properly in a timely manner. 

Are Non-Programmed Cards Worth Looking Into?

The need for non-programmed ID cards depends completely on the business and its needs. Some businesses will require complete control over their access control system and in such a situation, non-programmed cards can be the best option. If you wish to know more about non-programmed cards, you can get in touch with your ID card supplier. They will be able to let you know more about these cards.