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An Overview Of Biodegradable PVC Cards 

An Overview Of Biodegradable PVC Cards 

Many businesses are now looking to reduce their impact on the environment and a very effective way to do this is by going green. Going green means choosing a lifestyle that can help bring balance to the preservation of our natural resources and biodiversity with human communities and culture.  


If your business has been using photo ID cards to ensure the security of your employees, you might be knowing that PVC ID cards have been the standard for a very long time. These cards are petroleum-based and are capable of lasting for a long time under normal circumstances. This means that these cards will not break down even after being disposed of. However, these PVC ID cards are not an inexhaustible material and can be harmful to our environment. This is why many businesses have switched to biodegradable ID cards. This can help businesses attend to the environment related concerns better and still reap the advantages offered by implementing an ID card program.


Biodegradable ID Cards 

These cards are also called eco-friendly or earth-friendly ID cards and are made from PVC that is almost completely biodegradable. This means that when these cards start to wear down, they will not leave back any harmful toxins that can negatively affect the environment. Biodegradable ID cards are a great way to ensure that your business premises are secure while caring for Mother Nature.


The process of biodegradation occurs when these cards are placed in a microorganism-rich environment like a compost pile, soil, or trash dump, and can take anywhere from ten months to five years to complete.


For businesses that are in search of ways to preserve the environment, three different types of biodegradable PVC ID cards are available. These are the standard CR8030 cards, low-coercivity magstripe cards, and high coercivity magstripe cards. All these ID card varieties can perform like the normal PVC ID cards that you are used to and can ensure lasting durability. Biodegradable PVC ID cards feature graphic quality surfaces and are compatible with any type of ID card printer.


What are you waiting for? If your business is in search of ways to reduce its carbon footprint, then you should surely try biodegradable PVC ID cards. To know more about these cards, you can get in touch with an ID card professional or supplier in your area. They will be able to offer you more details about the card and valuable insights on switching to these cards.