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A Comparison Guide For Fargo XE Printers 

A Comparison Guide For Fargo XE Printers 

Fargo printers have been a global leader in developing secure ID card technologies for more than forty-five years. They offer a complete line of Fargo XE ID card printers with state-of-the-art printing options like the Fargo DTC1500XE printer and the Fargo HDP6600XE reverse transfer printer. These printers can be great options if you are planning to replace an old ID card printer that is unable to keep up with the changing needs of your business.


You will be able to reliably print ID cards for years as your Fargo printer will be protected. The two printer models come with a three-year printer assurance with loaner coverage and a lifetime guarantee for the printhead. These two ID card printers from Fargo are powerful upgrades. However, which of these best suits your needs? Read along to know.


If It Is The Print Resolution That Matters Most

The DTC1500XE printer model comes with standard 300 dpi resolution printing. This can offer clear text, images, and barcodes that can be suitable for most of the badge programs. However, if you need high-resolution printing, then HDP6600XE can be suitable as it has a print resolution of 600 dpi.


If It Is The Print Technology That Matters Most

The Fargo DTC 1500XE is a direct-to-card printer and the design will be directly printed on the card. This is the most commonly used type of ID card printing technology and the cost per card is low for this type of printing. The HDP6600XE printer makes use of reverse transfer technology and therefore, the design will be first printed on a transfer film and then the film will be applied to the ID card. This technology ensures card durability and very high printing quality, but at a high cost.


If It Is The Print Speed That Matters Most 

The Fargo DTC 1500XE is capable of printing up to 225 full-color one-sided cards in an hour. This speed could easily cater to the needs of most of the badge programs. The case of reverse transfer printers is different. Due to their intricate printing process, most reverse transfer printers will take double the time to print an ID card, however, the Fargo HDP6600XE printer is capable of printing up to 230 full-color single-sided ID cards in an hour.


Making use of the patent-pending iON technology, Fargo HDP6600XE printers warms up quickly and will be ready to print in a minute from being turned on. This will let the user take advantage of high-resolution reverse transfer printing without wasting time.