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5 Reasons Your Business Needs an ID Card Printer

5 Reasons Your Business Needs an ID Card Printer

Technology is an essential part of any business. Investing in technology can often make jobs easier and more efficient. One type of tech in particular is simple but has become central to many businesses: the ID card. ID cards can be used to make a variety of cards which serve different roles within the structure of a company as well as within their business model. Printing cards can be outsourced to another company who specializes in their production, so why would a business need one for themselves? Below, we’ll go over five crucial reasons why your business should invest in an ID card printer. 


1. Security and Safety 

The first, and perhaps most important benefit in having an in-house id card printer is safety and security. There are several reasons how having an ID card printer readily available to you can highly increase safety. This security applies to not only the business and the people working within, but also for customers and clients.  

First of all, security badges means that employees have identification. So, customers and other employees alike can easily identify employees. Being able to easily identify staff members is crucial to a customer service-focused business because it increases likelihood of a positive experience. 

Additionally, cards with added security such as barcodes, smart chips or even QR codes can be used to restrict and allow access to certain areas or private information. It is also important to be able to track who enters and exits a building. Producing access cards on your private card machine is especially ideal if your business deals with private information and also needs a level of clearance depending on the employee position.

Secondly, having your own id printer means that because badges can be produced in-house, when dealing with sensitive information this decreases the amount of possible third-party access and also decreases overall security risks. When information is sent to a third-party for ID printing, this makes it possible for information to be stolen or copied. This could happen not necessarily at the printing provider themselves, as this could easily occur in-transit. Having a security card fall into the wrong hands could result in numerous, often expensive disasters. It's not worth the risk of outsourcing ID card printing needs, and you can find the best security ID card printers at Bodno. 


2. Convenience for Employees and Customers

Aside from security, another reason for owning your own ID printer is convenience. Your business could easily and quickly create many other types of cards that can serve additional purposes. For example, a customer rewards card can be printed immediately for a customer rather than making them wait for one in the mail or needing to return to the store. Waiting for a card in the mail can lead to a delay, possible loss (meaning you may need to purchase mail insurance), and other logistical errors. 

If you print this type of card on-demand, depending on the structure of your program, the customer can instantly use any rewards or incentives. This aids in driving sales in a fast-paced and competitive market through customer acquisition and retention. Other possibilities include: 

  • Gift Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Business cards
  • Event Passes

 3. Better Database Management

Database Management goes hand-in-hand with the previous two reasons. Many printers, such as Evolis Primacy 2, allow you to connect to an external source or an established database. This means that importing data and records can be done quickly and efficiently. Going from printing to third-party to printing IDs with your own card printer can be a smooth transition with the right ID Printer and compatible ID card Software.  

The extra steps involved in keeping track of paper files and/or outsourcing can be slow, inefficient, but once connected and accustomed to using a database, records can be easily created, tracked, and updated. 


4. Customization and Increased Professionalism 

Many ID Card printers and their compatible softwares have a variety of customizable designs, pre-existing templates, and editable formats. This means the appearance of any type of loyalty card, membership card, gift card, business card and more can be modified to suit your business. 

Having a card with a symbol or design which represents your company in the manner you wish it to be received can be an important aspect. Specifying your businesses appearance can result in increased brand recognition and awareness, bring you into a market, whether its general or niche, and create a lasting legacy. 

In addition, printing business cards with a comparatively more durable plastic card by using your own ID card printer results in appearing more professional, which can make a strong, long-lasting impression. Appearance is important when it comes to both customers, clients and other business partners alike. 


5. Cost Effectiveness

The fifth and final reason your business should acquire an ID card printer is cost effectiveness. We’ve previously discussed other detriments of outsourcing printing, but a third aspect comes with its cost. The initial investment and upkeep costs associated with an ID Card printer can seem a bit costly. However, the benefits of its returns outweigh the risk.

As previously stated, sending information for card printing to a third party poses security risks. Depending on the type and sensitivity of information your business deals with, a breach of security due to outsourcing can have costly results such as fines and lawsuits.  

In addition, when procuring cards from an outside company, you will still be paying for the materials, but with the additional cost of labor, shipping materials and quite importantly-time. Over time, this can greatly eat into profit margins whereas skipping the “middle man” so to speak, drastically lowers the cost per card. This is especially true if the need for printing cards is increasing for your business.  

In-House ID Card Printing

Convinced you need an ID card Printer for your business? Make sure you research what kind is best for your business, as there are many aspects that can go into each machine and it's capabilities. Having a card machine that does not have certain features can be just as bad as purchasing one with expensive bells and whistles you will never need.

If you're in need of assistance, follow our guide to buying an ID card printer to help you find the most ideal printer. At Bodno, we’re here to help you make the best decision for your company and assist you in any of your ID printing needs. 

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