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Zebra ZXP Series 7 Review

Zebra ZXP Series 7 Review

Zebra ZXP Series 7 is a modern ID card printer that uses the latest technologies to furnish the demands of today’s ever-evolving business environment. It features an innovative design that allows the printer to automatically adjust according to the ID card’s thickness. Besides, the smart LCD control panel and easy to understand color-coded guides make it a simple printer to use. Below is a quick review of Zebra ZXP Series 7 ID card printer.


The ZXP Series 7 ID card printer by Zebra can serve a wide range of applications. It has a robust design that can suit any environment and it delivers near-photographic print quality and color depth. The printer also offers edge-to-edge ID card printing with lamination to ensure better life of the prints, while the encoder on the printer helps to ensure superior security of the ID cards printed.


The Zebra ZXP Series 7 printer offers you fast print speeds to boost productivity and reduce the wait time. You can carry out up to 3 printing jobs on the printer simultaneously (printing, encoding, and laminating), which allows faster processing in case of bulk requirement. The ID card printer is also easy to configure and maintain, and its high-capacity media, simple ribbon loading option, and quality laminate rolls further make it a user-friendly printer.


The ZXP Series 7 ID card printer offers a lot of options for managing and printing data as per your needs. Its most notable features include single-side or dual-sided card printing, low waste and efficient lamination, diverse encoding and connectivity alternatives, etc. It also allows users to connect the printer via wireless technology.

ZXP Series 7 Pro

Zebra offers an advanced version of their ZXP Series 7 ID card printer as well to meet the demands of big enterprises that need high-volume printing. The ZXP Series 7 Pro ID card printer uses a mechanical FIFO output hopper that allows it to print up to 300 ID cards in one go while maintaining excellent print quality and near-photographic color depth. It also comes with the standard magnetic stripe encoder and laminator to ensure better security and long life of the ID cards.

ZXP Series 7 Pro is compatible with most of the plastic ID card types and can print up to 300 dpi resolution images in full color. The printer offers an exceptional speed as well – it can print around 300 cards per hour in full color or around 1375 cards per hour in monochrome. The ID card printer also supports Ethernet and USB connectivity and works with Microsoft Windows certified drivers. You can also feed single cards to the printer if required.

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