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Top 3 ID Card Printers for Large Batch Printing

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Top 3 ID Card Printers for Large Batch Printing

Evaluating your current as well as future card printing needs is one of the key considerations when choosing an ID card printer for your organization. Assessing how many cards you will be printing per session and what are your average card-printing needs annually can help a lot in determining the right ID card printer for your company.

If you need to print around 5,000 cards or more per year, then you should go for large batch or high-volume printers. Below are the top 3 best ID card printers that cater to the demands of large batch printing.

Zebra ZXP7

The Zebra ZXP Series 7 merges the powerful printing capabilities of its predecessor Zebra P330i and Zebra P430i models with the laminating capabilities of Zebra P630i and Zebra P640i printers. The Zebra ZXP7 is easy to use, comes with robust security features, and boasts lower cost-per-card rates than earlier Zebra printers. It can be easily upgraded to magnetic encoding features to support high-volume ID card printing applications.

Key features of Zebra ZXP7:

  • High image quality with 300 dpi resolution
  • 200-card input hopper
  • 100-card output hopper
  • 15-card reject hopper
  • Printing speed: 12 seconds (full-color) and 2.6 seconds (monochrome) single-sided cards

Fargo DTC 4500e

The Fargo DTC4500e ID card printer is a high-level model that comes with an optional laminator module. This allows you to upgrade the security features of your high-volume ID printer, while there is also a locking hopper feature to boost in-house security. Fargo DTC 4500e sports a heavy-duty engine and high-performance design, making it ideal for sophisticated and secure card applications in large enterprises and government institutions.

Key features of Fargo DTC4500e:

  • 300 dpi print resolution 
  • 200-card dual input hopper 
  • 100-card output hopper
  • Fluorescent ribbons for UV printing
  • Printing speed: 16 seconds (full-color) and 6 seconds (monochrome) single-sided cards

Magicard Rio Pro 360

The Magicard Rio Pro 360 printer takes direct-to-card ID card printing mode to a whole new level with major performance improvements. It is considered the fastest of all Magicard printers with a Linux-based CPU and high-velocity ID data processing capabilities. Magicard Rio Pro 360 also supports thermal printing with rewritable technology to accommodate all your current as well as future large batch printing needs.

Key features of Magicard Rio Pro 360:

  • Vivid print quality with 300 dpi resolution
  • 100-card input hopper
  • 70-card output hopper
  • Printing speed: 18 seconds (full-color) and 5 seconds (monochrome) single-sided cards
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty on printer and printhead


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