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A Quick Review of the Evolis Badgy100 ID Card Printer

The Badgy100 ID card printer is a budget-friendly id card printer brought to you by Evolis printers. It allows you to print ID cards and badges on-demand and suits businesses single-sided printing needs flawlessly. The printer uses direct-to-card printing technology and can print in full-color or monochrome as per your needs. It sports very fast printing speeds as well, allowing you to get a full-color single-sided ID card in just around 45 seconds. This makes it ideal for printing membership cards, school IDs, loyalty cards, visitor badges, event IDs, etc.

Evolis Badgy100 is very easy to use and comes with USB connectivity for easy setup. It features front-operated 25-card capacity input and output hoppers as well as an easy-to-load printer ribbon system. The ID card printer also has a smart notification system with LED buttons for quick alerts, such as when a new ribbon is needed or when it experiences an error. Besides, the attractive and compact design of Evolis Badgy100 makes it a handy device that you can place anywhere in your office. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty as well. That makes Badgy100 a value-for-money printer option.

When coupled with the Bodno ID card software, it becomes much easier to design, manage, and print ID cards and badges on your Badgy100 printer. The Bronze Edition of the Bodno Photo ID Software comes with all the essential features to create high-quality ID cards. You can simply choose any of the pre-built templates in the ID card software and get started with your printing needs right away. The Bodno ID card software also supports 1D barcodes, signature acquisition, and magnetic encoding features.

The Badgy100 ID card printer can also deliver near-to-edge printing while keeping the costs under check. You can also upgrade to the Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond edition of the Bodno Photo ID Software for your Evolis Badgy100. This will unlock additional productivity features for your card printing needs, such as QR code printing, multiple format database connections, multi-layout card designs, contactless direct encoding, auto face detection, and more.

What does near-to-edge printing look like? Well, the Badgy100 has a 1.35mm border edge which leaves a small white margin around your printed id cards like in the example below. This may or may not be something that you or your business may be interested in. Here is one example of what the near-to-edge printing looks like in comparison to the Badgy200 and you can make a decision for yourself.

 Example ID cards that are printed from the Evolis Badgy 100 and Evolis Badgy 200 ID card printer

Note that most of the Evolis printers are designed to print only on CR80 PVC plastic cards. Badgy100 follows the same standards and does not support printing on other formats of plastic ID cards like CR79 or CR100. Evolis Badgy100 is a single-sided ID card printer and cannot be upgraded for automated dual-sided printing. Therefore, you will need to hand-feed cards to the printer after printing on one side to print on the other side.

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