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ID Card Printers Review: Zebra ZXP Series 9 Dual-Sided Printer

The ZXP Series 9 is the second-generation retransfer printer model by Zebra printers. It improves the Zebra ZXP Series 8 with superior printing speeds and waste-free and eco-friendly lamination features. Zebra ZXP9 also reduces the cost per card, which can be an excellent advantage for those who need bulk card printing.

Zebra ZXP9 works on the patented Color Predictive Technology (CPT) that uses an algorithm to auto-adjust the printer's settings and deliver the best print quality. There are different print modes and optional encoding features in Zebra ZXP9 as well, which further offer enhanced user control and greater flexibility. The ZXP Series 9 ID card printer would be the best choice for those who need to print secure, laminated ID cards with vivid details.

Printing Quality and Speed

The Zebra ZXP9 printer produces photographic quality prints with sharp image resolution and fully saturated colors. It also supports over-the-edge printing while delivering 300dpi resolution under all environments. The ZXP Series 9 printer gives you durable ID cards and badges that have built-in fraud protection and consistent print quality. You can also print on a wide variety of cards using Zebra ZXP9, including standard PVC, PET, ABS, composite cards, as well as specialty cards like UHF RFID and contactless smart cards with uneven surfaces.

ZXP Series 9 ID card printer also comes with the option to choose from two user-selectable print modes – Standard and Fine Print. The Standard mode delivers faster print speeds while the Fine Print mode works with the exclusive CPT feature to give you enhanced print quality. In general, Zebra ZXP9 can print up to 180 full-color dual-sided cards in an hour. You can even hand-feed single cards to meet your unique, on-demand printing needs.

Waste-Free Lamination

The Zebra ZXP Series 9 printer supports dual-sided printing and dual-sided lamination features for producing high-end ID cards and badges. Even when configured for dual-sided printing and lamination, the printing speeds of Zebra ZXP9 remain consistent and quite impressive. The lamination uses eco-friendly, waste-free laminates patented by Zebra printers, including liner-less media and a single core with no carrier. This helps to reduce laminate waste output by around 50% while leading to approximately 30% cost-savings on the consumables.

You can get Zebra waste-free laminate in standard/clear and custom type with hologram or micro-text to accommodate your specific security needs. Overall, Zebra ZXP9 is an easy-to-use ID card printer with advanced features. It has a 150-card capacity input hopper, a 100-card output hopper, and a 15-card reject hopper. You can also upgrade the printer with an additional 150-card input hopper to reduce printing time for bulk ID card printing needs.


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