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Why You Should Print Campus ID Cards On-site

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Why You Should Print Campus ID Cards On-site

Issuing ID cards to the students, staff, and faculty members is an integral part of the security measures in an educational institution that help to keep the campus secure. The security personnel can quickly verify the cardholder's identity and determine whether they should have access to the building or a specific area on the campus. For students, having an ID card can make their everyday routine more straightforward and convenient. Smart ID cards can be used for secure meal payments, attendance records, and entry to the college dorms.

There is no arguing that campus ID cards can be beneficial for an educational institution in numerous ways. It is seen that most establishments outsource ID card printing to a third-party provider to make the process easier. However, investing in reliable ID card printers and printing campus ID cards in-house has many perks too. Below are a few reasons why you should print campus ID cards on-site.

It Makes Issuing and Replacement of ID Cards Faster

With an in-house ID card system, you can print ID cards and badges for the students, staff, and faculty members quickly and efficiently. There is no need to send the details to the third-party vendor and wait for them to process it. Instead, you can print ID cards as and when needed. This also helps to speed up the issuance of replacement cards for lost or damaged ID cards.

It Gives you Full Control over the ID Card Design

You can design the ID cards for your educational institution the way you want with the in-house equipment. Most of the modern ID card printers come with smart software that makes the designing process simpler, even for beginners. You can include any information on the ID cards as needed, such as your establishment logo and branding. It is also possible to change the ID card design later if required. One example of an id card printer that offers design options is the Magicard Rio Pro 360 ID card printer. Designed with you in mind, the Magicard Rio Pro 360 offers entry-level designing, managing, and printing for all your id card needs.

It Makes your ID Card Program More Secure

When you print the campus ID cards on-site, there is no need to hand over any data or personal information to a third-party service. This helps to make your ID cards more secure and prevents the risk of counterfeiting. You can also choose the level of ID card security you want for your institution when selecting the ID card printers system. By going with a secure printing solution like Magicard ID card printers, you can include their patented Holokote technology, which allows you to print a watermark on your id cards. The Magicard Enduro 3E uses a special laminate to provide you with outstanding visual security, which is included standard in the id printer.

Being able to print the campus ID cards in-house also allows you to upgrade the ID cards' functionality as needed. You can easily add or update access control, payment functions, attendance tracking, and more with your on-site ID card printing system.

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