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Why Should You Regularly Clean Your Magicard Printer? 

Whenever you buy equipment for your business, you are investing in the productivity of your organization. You will also want to ensure your equipment will last for many years. To actualize that goal, proper care and use of the equipment have to be ensured. For instance, let us consider Magicard ID card printers. Regardless of whether you use a retransfer ID card printer or a direct-to-card printer, you need to be careful about the cleaning regimen of the ID card printer. If you do not pay attention to the cleaning of your ID card printer, it is more likely that you will run into trouble.


From ID cards being printed with defects and failure of the printhead, you can experience many problems if you do not clean your ID card printer properly. Therefore, it is important to ensure regular cleaning of your ID card printer, whether you use Magicard printers or any other brand of ID card printer.


How Can A Printer Get Dirty? 

There can be many reasons for an ID card printer to get dirty and some of them are:

  • The static from the PVC cards attracts dust and dirt.
  • Pigment ink of monochrome printer ribbon resulting in contamination.
  • Dirt, natural oils, and dust from your hands getting collected on the printer.


Cleaning your Magicard printer regularly will reduce the contaminants in the printer system. In addition, regular cleaning can offer protection against damage to printheads, thereby extending the use of the printer and ensuring high-quality ID card printing.


Cleaning Your Magicard ID Card Printer 

For printers using color ribbons, the ideal time to do the cleaning is when you replace the printer ribbon, as it can help reduce printer downtime. As every color ribbon will have a new roller and a cleaning card, you can clean the printer when replacing the ribbon and this can ensure that every ribbon replacement will result in a cleaning cycle.


For printers using monochrome ribbons, a scheduled cleaning is recommended between ribbon replacements. As monochrome ribbons have a high output and can stay in your ID card printer for a long time, cleaning your printer after each ribbon change can ensure higher productivity from your ID card printer. Monochrome ribbons also include a new printer roller and a cleaning card so that you can clean the printer on every ribbon replacement.