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Why Should You Laminate Plastic ID cards?

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Why Should You Laminate Plastic ID cards?

Lamination is a clear layer of film applied to a plastic ID card to protect the card from scratches and damages. ID card printers with lamination capability can apply lamination to the card during the regular printing process. It is quite normal that you are unable to completely understand the need for lamination when directly printing to plastic. Some of the main reasons to laminate your card are shared below.


Offers Protection From Wear 

Laminating your ID cards can help extend the life of the cards. The laminate layer will offer protection to the printing on the card and makes them more durable. If you will be swiping your ID cards through a magnetic stripe reader or wish your card to be long-lasting, you can go for laminated ID cards.


Protects From Dye Migration And Fading 

Think of a situation where you accidentally left your ID card in your car for a few days, and find the card stuck in the cardholder. When you try to pull out the card from the holder, you find that a part of the image on the card has transferred to the cardholder. This is called dye migration and happens when a printed card is carried in a cardholder that is exposed to heat. Laminating an ID card will protect it from dye migration. Besides, lamination can protect the card from fading, and the text and images on the card will remain true to colors for many years.


Holographic Lamination Acts As An Armor 

Alongside clear laminate, holographic laminates are also being widely used on ID cards. This type of laminate allows you to easily add holographic images to ID cards during the card printing process itself. Using this type of laminate will add card security as these holograms cannot be duplicated easily.


There are two options for you to choose from when opting for holographic laminate - custom and standard. Both these options offer the same holographic effect, but the standard holographic laminate will be available in the open market, and so, it does not provide the same level of security as custom holographic laminates. If you require secure ID cards that are difficult to duplicate, then holographic laminates are the best option for you.  


For all ID printers, to add a layer of lamination to your ID cards during the printing, you have to keep it loaded with a roll of laminate or overlaminate.